On-Demand Webinar

AI and Machine Learning Performance at Scale With SAS® Viya®

Cost-effective strategies that generate tangible business value using AI and ML

About the webinar

There’s almost no limit to how much organizations can spend to optimize their workloads with cloud computing, AI and machine learning (ML).

Spending more doesn’t get you more though.

In fact, according to a recent Futurum study, using SAS Viya is 30 times faster on average than all competitors across all test cases, even though it costs 86% less.

Join us as we discuss how SAS not only solves your business problems faster, but for a lot less money.

We will discuss:

  • How to generate results faster while lowering costs. Trust SAS to build models faster and deploy them while lowering overall costs.
  • Taking advantage of SAS advanced capabilities to improve accuracy, efficiency and profitability with a reliable analytics platform.
  • How the SAS analytics life cycle can improve the time to value of your current modeling and analytics process.

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About the SAS Experts

Matthew Perry
Principal Technical Architect

Phil Weiss
Advisory Solutions Architect