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Artificial Intelligence With a Human Touch

Learn how to use chatbots with artificial intelligence to create greater human resources efficiency and insight.

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About the webinar

HR professionals spend much of their time responding to repetitive questions from employees.

By automating responses to these questions, AI assistants help improve HR staff productivity by up to 40%. These assistants are always available to employees and increase employee engagement.

In our presentation, we’ll describe the latest generation of HR assistants built with AI, making automation more intelligent and trusted by your employees.

We’ll also discuss how data can be integrated into your people analytics, gaining valuable employee insight and more value from your investment in HR support automation.

Why attend?

  • Learn about the next generation of HR chatbots.
  • Get the latest on AI in the HR industry.
  • Help reduce employee turnover and increase employee engagement and satisfaction.
  • Find out more about people analytics.

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About the Experts

Blake Sheldon, Senior Solutions Architect and Value Engineer, SAS

Larry Hall, Director of HR Analytics and Solution Sales, Pegasus Knowledge Solutions