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Take Back Control of Your Advertising Efforts: Here’s How

Join this webinar to learn how data can help you connect and engage with hard-to-define audiences.

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About the webinar

A convergence of global factors has led media viewers to embrace new forms of media content viewing, including free ad-supported television (FAST) and video-on-demand (VOD) services.

Simultaneously, data deprecation and increased attention to consumer privacy have publishers and broadcasters rethinking how they can engage with these new, harder-to-define audiences created by this shift.

Broadcasters now have the need to collect data to understand viewers better, produce better content and provide a more personalized viewing experience.

You will learn:

  • Why now is the time for broadcasters to take control of their tech stack.
  • What critical data and technology components to focus on.
  • How broadcasters can build a self-serve, ad-buying platform that can integrate into their existing tech stack to bypass intermediaries.
  • Why ad server flexibility – versus big tech black boxes – should be a future focus as marketing and advertising continue to merge.

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About the Experts

Steve Perks
Head of Advertising Technology, Customer Intelligence Solutions, SAS

Tom Friedmann
Global Principal Industry Specialist BD, Media & Entertainment, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Jonathan Moran
Head of MarTech Solutions Marketing, SAS