What's New in SAS® Visual Analytics 7.5 (SAS® 9.4)

Check out some of the new features available in the current release. 

Enjoy a modern experience on SAS® 9.4. 

A modern HTML5 interface.

Say goodbye to Flash. SAS Visual Analytics on SAS 9.4 is now available in full web standard HTML5. You can have a beautiful and modern experience as you analyze your data and gain rich insights.

One place to explore and design.

All the visualizations and models you know and love are now in one place. SAS Visual Analytics Explorer and Designer have been merged into one application on SAS 9.4 – no more switching back and forth to explore your data and design reports and dashboards.

Beautiful visualizations.

Subtle new visual effects, new typography and new report themes crafted by designers at SAS will take your content to the next level visually. A simple bar chart never looked so good.  

Augmented analytics for smarter reporting.

Related measures just a click away.

SAS Visual Analytics just got smarter. Related measures automatically indicate potential relationships between your measures right in the data pane. A subtle blue circle lets you know when selected measures may be related, saving you time.

Suggested charts based on all your data.

The new Suggestions pane gives you suggested charts based on all your data. It’s the fastest way to get started, whether you want to quickly explore your data, use interesting ways to visualize data or find insights you might have missed.

Ability to see how data columns are used.

The Data pane is even smarter. Hover over a data column and you’ll see where that column is used, so you can quickly determine how changes to a column will affect your report.

Do more with your charts.

Right-click to change chart options.

It’s more convenient than ever to craft the perfect chart. Right-click on your visualization and change its properties without having to open the Options pane. The new format bar lets you change your object’s visual format with just a click.   

Ad hoc group creation in visuals.

Now you can create custom groups by right-clicking on your visualizations. Do the bars for “Red” and “Orange” need to be grouped as “Warm Colors”? You can select them and group them right on the bar chart, saving you time.  

Ability to freeze columns in list tables.

Freeze columns in a list table as you view a report. Frozen columns stay visible while you scroll across large tables, so you can keep your context or compare data across the list table.

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