SAS/ACCESS® Software Features

Seamless, transparent data access

  • Broad access to data through an intuitive interface, regardless of where it’s stored.
  • Support for a wide range of databases and platforms, including big data databases, relational stores, data warehouses, mainframe sources and PC files.
  • Easy integration with popular platforms without detailed knowledge of the database or SQL.
  • Option of working in SAS or SQL with automatic generation of the appropriate SQL statements, passed through to the database for execution.
  • Support for integration standards outside of the dedicated SAS/ACCESS module, including SAS/ACCESS Interface to ODBC, SAS/ACCESS Interface to JDBC and SAS/ACCESS Interface to OLE DB.
  • Ability to execute procedural language, complementing SQL-based statement logic.
  • High level of security with native database security mechanisms.
  • Option to import or export data from a PC file to a SAS data set, as well as the ability to read and write directly to PC files.
  • DBMS metadata can be accurately maintained within the SAS Metadata Repository for metadata reuse.

Flexible query language support

  • Seamlessly access data with minimal knowledge of the data or the SQL required to surface it.
  • Take more control by using your own customer SQL statements to modify or maintain automatically generated SQL.
  • Map SAS specific statements or functions to database-specific statements or functions and process SQL statements directly inside the database for optimal performance.
  • Enlist a SAS extension to process the appropriate query logic using the SAS or database engine.

Performance tuning options

  • Take advantage of a multithreaded read interface, as well as threaded kernel technology and native APIs to Oracle, DB2 Spark and Teradata.
  • Enable federated views through optimized read and write, including buffering, compression, threading, chunking, and sort and join performance.
  • Join processing is automatically pushed into the database.
  • Boost performance with temporary table support.
  • Work effortlessly with seamless interfaces to loaders and utilities without an in-depth understanding of each loader.
  • Use PROC TRANSPOSE pushdown capability for Teradata and Hadoop.
  • Use PROC pushdown capability for Amazon Redshift, Postgres, Microsoft SQL Server and metadata integration.
  • Maintain DBMS metadata within the SAS metadata repository, and reuse data jobs.
  • Use jobs across a variety of SAS solutions, including SAS® Enterprise Guide® and SAS Data Management.
  • Use native storage options, including support for temporary tables, materialized views and partitioned tables.
  • Make use of native database types that translate the source database to the appropriate SAS data type.
  • Increase database performance with processor threads, placing data into a memory buffer between reads.
  • National language support.

Optimization features for better performance

  • Use pipeline read to increase database read performance by up to 30 percent via a processor thread that reads data from a database and places it into a memory buffer. Pipeline read is available in SAS/ACCESS Interface to DB2 (non-z/OS), SAS/ACCESS Interface to Greenplum, SAS/ACCESS Interface to Oracle and SAS/ACCESS Interface to Teradata.
  • Improve efficiency with native storage options, including temporary tables, materialized views and partitioned tables.
  • Speed processing with native database types, which are automatically translated to the appropriate SAS data type.

SAS/ACCESS for databases

  • SAS/ACCESS interfaces to relational databases and database appliances include:
    • Teradata
    • Aster Data
    • Cloudera Impala
    • Datacom
    • Greenplum
    • Netezza
    • Vertica
    • Informix
    • DB2
    • Oracle and Oracle RDB
    • PostgreSQL
    • Microsoft SQL Server
    • MySQL
    • Amazon Redshift
    • JDBC
    • Spark SQL – SAS Viya
    • ODBC
    • OLE DB 

SAS/ACCESS® for mainframes

  • Supported mainframe sources include:
    • SAS/ACCESS® Interface to ADABAS
    • SAS/ACCESS® Interface to DATACOM/DB
    • SAS/ACCESS® Interface to CA IDMS
    • SAS/ACCESS® Interface to IMS-DL/I

SAS/ACCESS® for NoSQL data platforms

  • SAS/ACCESS® Interface to the PI System

SAS/ACCESS® for distributed file systems

  • One supported distributed file system source is SAS/ACCESS® Interface to Hadoop

SAS/ACCESS® Interface to PC Files 

  • SAS/ACCESS Interface to PC Files includes access to:
    • DBF
    • DIF (Unix)
    • XLS (Windows)
    • WK1
    • WK3
    • WK4
    • XL
    • SX

SAS/ACCESS® for nonrelational sources

  • SAS/ACCESS® Interface to Big Query
  • SAS/ACCESS® Interface to MongoDB
  • SAS/ACCESS® Interface to Salesforce
  • SAS/ACCESS® Interface to Snowflake
  • SAS/ACCESS® Interface to Azure
  • SAS/ACCESS® Interface HDInsight

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