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SAS & Corios

The SAS and Corios partnership is strategically aligned in the financial services and retail industries, especially in the customer intelligence and predictive analytics markets. Corios is a trusted advisor throughout the US and Canada for businesses who want to pursue the power of analytics to drive more profitable customer relationships. Corios has deep capabilities and credibility with clients, and specializes in process integration to augment the superior functionality that SAS software brings to the table.

Focus Area
Analytics, Customer Intelligence

Banking/Financial Services

Customer Intelligence


Corios works with clients to build strategic, sustainable, analytics solutions that drive business performance, with a focus on risk management and compliance, marketing analytics and optimization, and pricing analytics and optimization.

Corios has a suite of proprietary solutions that add value to businesses. Corios can help leverage high-density, high-velocity transactional data; align contact strategies with customer analytics to optimize campaign resources; assess where businesses are on the analytics maturity scale; and simulate future economic conditions to drive profits and efficient pricing.


Free E-Book
Skate Where the Puck's Headed
A Playbook for Scoring Big with Predictive Analytics from Corios founder, Robin Way.

About Corios

Corios is a leader in the discipline of management analytics consulting. Our case study database and references speak to the strong value Corios brings to our clients – as they overcome challenges and derive benefits from their investments in complex solutions. Our team leverages decades of experience in multiple industries to deliver holistic business solutions based on analytical, business management, and technological expertise.

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