Analytics in Action
in the Health and Life Sciences Ecosystem

About this paper

With the combination of electronic health records, rich repositories of claims data, medical device outputs, laboratory and prescription systems, real-world data and the data mined from other information technology systems, the health and life sciences ecosystem can now gain new perspective.

Download this complimentary paper to learn more about how health care data has the power to transform the sector, helping to address the industry’s biggest challenges surrounding costs and quality of patient care.

By adopting solutions that allow them to both produce and consume data analytics insights in a way that better guides clinical and business strategies, innovative health care organizations can learn not only to survive but also thrive in the decades to come.

Featured Thought Leaders

Dr. Christopher Boone
Vice President, Global Medical Epidemiology and Big Data Analysis Lead, Pfizer

Dr. Rachel Sherman
Former Principal Deputy Commissioner, Food and Drug Administration

Dr. Geert Kazemier
Surgeon, Cancer Center Amsterdam at Amsterdam UMC

Michael Lewis
Senior Director of Enterprise Analytics, Cleveland Clinic

Jim Coursey
Chief Operating Officer, South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services

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