AI Momentum, Maturity and Models for Success

A report based on a global executive survey

The world is awash in data. The ability to analyze, apply learning and automate it is now within reach of organizations because of AI.

We surveyed executives from around the world who point to momentum building for applying AI. There are many opportunities to learn from these early adopters’ experiences, including potential pitfalls and successful examples to emulate.

That 2018 global survey was conducted by Forbes Insights for SAS, Intel and Accenture Applied Intelligence, and the summary can help you quickly determine how the full report will help you chart the course toward reaping the benefits of AI.

If I had a nickel for every time I was asked about the negative end state of AI, I would be rich today. But many of those asking me about AI are unaware that these technologies are already shaping their lives in ways that are all but invisible every day. Mel Greer Chief Data Scientist Americas at Intel Corporation

The data revealed...

Every technology in history, starting with fire, can be used for good or bad. I think it would be ethically irresponsible not to use AI to improve the human condition. Can we cure more disease? Find new ways to reduce pollution? Live longer? We owe it to the world to use AI to find out. Keith Collins Executive Vice President SAS

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