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Envision Carolina Smart Cities Workshop

Nov. 30 | 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. | SAS Executive Briefing Center | Cary, NC

Ready to solve a problem or improve a process using data, analytics and other technologies? Apply now to be part of the Envision Carolina workshop Nov. 30.

Up to eight local governments will be paired with teams of private sector companies that will collaborate to define a solution for each government’s identified challenge.

Workshops will include the opportunity to:

  • Explore a problem that needs solving or a process that could be improved.
  • Define the elements and scope of an innovative approach to address the issue.
  • Discuss the technical aspects of the solution.
  • Contemplate challenges and opportunities of delivering the solution.
  • Outline appropriate next steps.

Don’t wait – the deadline to apply is Oct. 25. Participants will be notified by Nov. 8.

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 Quasi-Governmental Agency
  Chief Innovation Officer
  Chief Resiliency Officer
  Chief Data Officer
  Chief Information Officer
  Chief Technology Officer
  Assistant Manager
  Department Head (please name department)
(Choose all that are applicable.)
 High priority
 Important, but not key priority
 Low priority
 Not a priority
(Select one.)

Project Information

A city or county may apply for more than one project. Please submit a separate application for each issue.

In this section, you’ll describe how your organization demonstrates its interest in trying new technologies and initiatives.

 Public Safety
 Fire and Rescue
 Water/Sewer Utility
 Energy Consumption
 Energy Production
 Solid Waste
 Parks and Recreation
 Inspections and/or Permitting
 Citizen Engagement
 Code Enforcement
 Social Services
 Public Health
  Enhanced services for citizens
  Administrative efficiencies
  Capital and/or operational cost savings
  Safety and/or security benefits
  Economic development
  Sustainability benefits
  Resiliency for critical operations
 Not active
 Assessing readiness level
 Planning stage (executive support)
 Creating a detailed road map (budget allocated)
  Instrumentation and Controls (i.e., meters and sensors)
  Interoperability/Data Integration
  Data Storage
  Data Management/Data Quality
  Risk Analysis
  System Integration
  Infrastructure Upgrade
(Select all that apply.)
  Need to gain leadership support
  Lack of long-term vision or plan
  Lack of supportive policies
  Complexity of procurement
  Budget limitations
  Lack of internal capacity
  Lack of basic technical expertise
  Need additional technical expertise
  Lack of infrastructure
  Difficulty of systems integration/interoperability
  Difficulty of coordinating across departments
  Difficulty of large-scale project management
  Gaining community support
(Select up to three.)
 Extremely Critical
 Very Critical
 Somewhat Critical
 Not Very Critical
 Extremely Critical
 Very Critical
 Somewhat Critical
 Not Very Critical
 Tremendous Impact
 High Impact
 Some Impact
 Slight Impact
 Little to No Impact
 Tremendous Impact
 High Impact
 Some Impact
 Slight Impact
 Little to No Impact

Contact Information

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