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Forecasting with SAS® and
SAP HANA: Easier. Faster. Smarter.

New possibilities with in-memory analytics

Maybe you’ve heard the news: You can now run SAS Analytics directly on the SAP HANA platform. That’s a big deal for manufacturers. It not only makes your forecasts easier and faster to create, but also more powerful to use to make decisions.

Tune in to this on-demand webinar to hear experts from SAS and Nestlé explain how this potent combination of advanced analytics and big data will help you with:

  • Predictive modeling. Analyze large amounts of data to identify a customer group and predict how it will act.
  • Predictive quality. Predict a manufacturing facility’s yield.
  • Demand shaping. Use what-if analysis to predict how a change in price or promotion will affect product demand.
  • New product forecasting. Make accurate predictions before you even have historical sales data to use.

Learn how you can use SAS to build and test models from huge volumes of data stored in SAP HANA. And discover how in-memory analytics helps you answer questions as quickly as you ask them.

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