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Data Virtualization: Federated Data Checks In

How One Luxury Resort Company Brought Its Data Together

How could you change your business with real-time insights from all your organization’s key data resources?

This e-book reveals in detail how one luxury resort company managed to integrate the tangled web of data from its headquarters and 22 resort locations.

Follow the fictional firm's journey from a downward slump of losing revenue quarter over quarter to a record-breaking year in just over 18 months. You’ll quickly see how a small change in executive philosophy, a tweak to the corporate culture and the right technology helped the company deliver an experience that exceeded all expectations – including its own.

This case-study approach explores:

  • Overall business background, including who’s who and what they do.
  • Nuts and bolts of key business problems, technical challenges and solutions.
  • Key components of data virtualization and how the process works.

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