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In this day and age of big data, more and more companies are seeking young talent with technology and analytics skills. Students who learn SAS in the classroom are prepared with real-world experience that can be instantly applied in the professional world. And analytics skills are so highly sought after that students who graduate with analytics degrees are still readily hired in a down economy. Have we convinced you yet?

SAS® for Learners at a Glance

Growing Demand. Future projections show the need for data experts doubling by 2017.

A number of technology hiring professionals and consultants over the past year have noted the rising demand for big data and analytics professionals, as well as the expected shortage of talent to fill these positions over the next few years.

— DataInformed

More Options. You have choices. Analytics is used in most industries, including health care, retail and sports. You get to decide.


One of the most sought-after skills these days is expertise in SAS data-mining software, used in an array of industries from retail to pharmaceuticals to even casinos (to help figure out which high rollers should be comped rooms and perks).

— CNNMoney

Competitive Salaries. Companies see value in those with SAS skills and often pay higher.


“If you want to see bigger paychecks, focus on a specialized skill of your job and increase your knowledge and aptitude within this skill.” – Katie Bardaro, Lead Analyst at online salary database"

— Monster

Be a Top Priority. Data analysts and analytical talent are among the most coveted tech professionals.


In Dice’s January report, “data analysts/analytics” was listed as No. 4 overall by more than 1,000 surveyed hiring managers and recruiters asked to identify the talent or skill-set they consider the most important in 2013.

— DataInformed

Stand Out. SAS gives you a competitive edge when looking for internships and jobs.


“Our students have an advantage in getting a job because they know SAS.”

— Mike Zdeb, Assistant Professor, Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, University of Albany School of Public Health

Recession-Proof. Companies still need analytic talent in a down economy.


“In spite of the global recession, students have gotten great job offers. From 2008 through 2011, when the US job market was really bad, many of our students had several job offers. As far as I’ve tracked, 100 percent of the students who have gone through this program are gainfully employed.”

— Goutam Chakraborty, PhD, Professor of Marketing and founder of SAS and OSU Data Mining Certificate Program, Oklahoma State University

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