Big data is presenting some of the most exciting opportunities in retail, but retailers are still taking a practical approach to making big data investments. EKN’s second annual report, State of the Industry Research Series: Big Data in Retail, provides a benchmark on how retailers are approaching big data as a business strategy, based on a survey of more than 70 retail industry executives about the challenges they faced building deeper insights from massive amounts of data.

Big Data in Retail provides strategic recommendations that retailers can use now to position themselves for competitive advantage with big data and advanced analytics. The report also contains a need and readiness assessment and identifies a "retail honor board" of best-in-class retailers for core big data functionality.

Some key findings include:

  • How much retailers are spending on big data.
  • The biggest roadblock to adopting big data.
  • Why data visualization is key to a successful retail strategy.
  • Tips for developing a road map for success with big data.

Download the full report to learn how other retail leaders are approaching big data, what their future plans are, and what it means for your company today.

About EKN:
EKN is a research and content service built based on feedback and advice from retail executives. The service provides retailers with the industry knowledge, access to peer-driven content, and peer-to-peer connections they need to make the best possible business and technology decisions. Learn more at

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