From hacking to malware to identity theft and fraud, cyberthreats against financial and government institutions are constantly evolving. Your defenses need to evolve too.

Based on a survey of 250 banking executives, along with in-depth expert interviews, this paper looks at a variety of cybersecurity challenges and opportunities.

While the paper emphasizes the banking sector, many of the recommendations can be taken by organizations of any industry.

This paper explains:

  • Why the CIO needs to treat cybersecurity as a broader risk issue rather than an IT issue.
  • How to break down internal barriers between information security and business functions.
  • Why improving educational efforts surrounding cybersecurity should be a top priority.
  • Applying analytics to detect trends and patterns and proactively counter cyberthreats.
  • Why properly managing and analyzing big data is a critical aspect of cybersecurity.

Cyberrisk in Banking: A review of the key industry threats and responses ahead

White Paper Quick Fact:

Just one in five executives polled for this study regards their organization’s overall preparedness for cybersecurity risks as “high.”


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