Investing in analytics to identify and manage risk can help improve your firm’s portfolio. Learn how in this Argyle Conversations paper, produced by Argyle Executive Forum and featuring Tom Kimner, Head of the Americas Risk Practice at SAS.

In an interview with Chris Williams, Chief Marketing Officer of Argyle Executive Forum, Kimner shares his thoughts on:

  • New advancements in processes and technology that can help create more accurate predictions.
  • How financial services risk managers can better understand the potential impacts of various portfolio management choices.
  • Changes in risk management practices over the years.
  • How pre-trade analytics at the tactical level feeds portfolio management decision making at the strategic level.


              Argyle Executive Forum Paper

              Argyle Conversations: Improving the Portfolio with The Power to Know®

              This paper is part of the Argyle Conversations Series by Argyle Executive Forum.

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