SAS ranked top in data quality by industry analysts

SAS® Data Quality technology pioneered the use of visual techniques

SAS is the technology leader in data quality, states a new report from The Information Difference, an analyst firm specializing in master data management, a discipline which incorporates the people, processes, technologies and methodologies for creating an authoritative view of the enterprise. SAS® Data Quality is a vital part of master data management (MDM) projects.

"Data quality is a persistent problem in any large organization," states the report. "At any point where human beings are asked to type data into a computer system, errors will occur, no matter how carefully the system is designed." SAS Data Quality cleanses, validates and enriches data to deliver a more accurate view of customers and organizations. The analysts cited their recent survey which found that 30 percent of master data management budgets go to ensuring data quality. Read the Information Difference Data Quality Landscape Q1 2013.

Excellent feedback from SAS customers

The Information Difference selected leaders by combining analyst research and customer feedback. "SAS Data Quality technology is a market leader, a pioneer in the use of visual techniques to demystify data quality and make it accessible to the business user. This is reflected in the consistently excellent feedback given by its reference customers," said author Andy Hayler. With data quality built into projects, users can transform and combine disparate data, remove inaccuracies, standardize on common values and cleanse data to create a trustworthy and valuable asset that improves decision making.

"The accuracy of our client mailings and the ability to contain costs is due in part to the quality of our SAS Data Management tool," said Alfred Hampton at The Miami Herald Media Company. "The Miami Herald buys data directly from the Postal Service. With SAS, we score and sequence the list to obtain the best possible postage rates."

SAS Data Quality has earned numerous awards from media and industry organizations. Emphasizing data governance and a phased approach to MDM, SAS Data Quality enables organizations to improve information accuracy and timeliness for more effective operations and enhanced decision making.

About SAS

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