What makes a "Best Place to Work?"

Great Place to Work grants SAS 19th place on the list of 100 best companies to work for in Mexico. SAS business model based on idea: satisfied employees create satisfied customers. 

Only a workplace culture based on employee trust, commitment and innovation can make a company a "Best Place to Work." That is how Jim Goodnight, who founded business analytics leader SAS 37 years ago, describes it.

SAS was named number 19 among the 100 best companies to work for in Mexico. And because this was the eighth consecutive time SAS Mexico has made the list, the company was also inducted into the Best Places to Work Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame designation highlights SAS' continuing commitment to employees and innovative culture.

SAS was recognized among technology companies in particular for  its innovative practices in the field of human resources .According to the SAS philosophy, excellent working conditions enable employees to develop the best software solutions and serve customers more effectively.

"Our ability to attract and retain creative employees directly influences our steady revenue growth, profitability and market leadership," said José Luis Sánchez, President of SAS Latin America North.

At the heart of the business model rests in one single idea: satisfied employees make for satisfied customers.

To determine the best companies to work for, the Great Place to Work considers various elements including well-being, organizational culture and climate, level of confidence and the quality of relationships between employees and the company.

SAS owes its consistent appearances on the Best Companies to Work For list to its unique business model:

  • A culture that nurtures creativity, innovation and balance between work and personal life.
  • Commitment to innovation, as demonstrated by the fact that, in 2012, the company again reinvested 25 percent of revenues again in R&D.
  • Employee loyalty. SAS Mexico’s staff turnover rate is extraordinarily low – less than 3.3 percent versus an industry average of 22 percent – enabling SAS to reduce recruitment costs, retain knowledge and experience, and build stronger, long-term relationships with customer.  SAS sees a strong link between employee loyalty and business success.

The model has enabled SAS Mexico maintain its top position  since 2005. "The most important thing is that this award is for everyone who makes up this organization. Thanks to their work and daily effort, SAS Mexico remains a company dedicated to developing the skills of its staff to provide better service to customers," said Sánchez.

Lourdes Anta, Human Resources Director for Latin America North, who accepted the award from GPTW Institute Mexico on behalf of SAS, agrees. "Our culture is based on trust, flexibility and values ​​that allow us to continue to promote creativity, innovation and productivity, always balancing work and personal life," she said.

About SAS

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