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Displaying Individual Data Values And Labels Within A Range

Featured visualization: Visualizing where specific data points are located within a data range can be challenging. SAS' Mike Drutar shows how it can be done through a custom graph in SAS Visual Analytics, using nonresidential fire damage data. 

June 2019, SAS Tech Report

Dear Reader,

Let me tell you a story about sharks and how my eyes were opened to the fact that 11,000 of them are killed per hour. That's right: 11,000. Sure, sharks can be scary … but they play a vital role in the food chain, in the underwater ecosystem. 

SAS partner Zencos shared that stat with me one day after we dished on blogging ins and outs over lunch. You see, Zencos works with nonprofit organization OCEARCH to visually tell stories using data from tagged sharks. Wha?!? 
You must tune into a webinar on July 24 (naturally, that's just before Shark Week) that will go into much more detail about this captivating story. This work raises awareness of shark activity to save human – and shark – lives. But how does it relate to data visualization? Zencos and OCEARCH will explain how to tell a compelling data story when the main character is widely thought of as a villain, all in SAS Visual Analytics. 

Check out the line-up of experts for the webinar, especially "Katharine" who has a large fin and fan base on Twitter. I even get to be a part of the fun, moderating the conversation and learning even more Jaws-dropping facts to show off with my friends.

Anna Brown 
Editor, SAS Tech Report 
Follow me @abrown7


SAS® Tips and Tricks

Deploying the Full SAS Viya Stack in Kubernetes

Deploying the full SAS Viya stack in Kubernetes 

This blog post, a follow-up piece to Getting started with SAS Containers, discusses how to build and run the full SAS Viya stack – visual components and all – in Kubernetes. Step 1 is building the container images and Step 2 is running the containers. 

SAS/ACCESS Interface to Salesforce

New! SAS/ACCESS Interface to Salesforce 

Did you know that there's a new SAS/ACCESS product for Salesforce? SAS/ACCESS Interface to Salesforce lets you read data from your Salesforce documents into the SAS client. Get more details in the doc. 

Always wishing for more examples? Check out SAS’ new enhancement to the documentation

Now more examples in your SAS documentation 

Next time you visit the SAS Help Center, click on the "Resources" button to open up a list of related content to what you're reading. You'll find relevant videos, blogs, white papers, sample code, examples, and more. While you're in doc land, bookmark this list of frequently-visited documentation pages. It may come in handy next time you're looking for product help. 

Pondering statistical significance in a world without .05

Pondering statistical significance in a world without .05 

What happened to p<.05?  Consider changes in the way we do science and big, open data when you think about the post p<.05 world, says SAS' Elliot Inman. 

Cool SQL Tricks

Cool SQL tricks

Check out this popular SAS Global Forum paper by Russ Lavery covering 11 tips and tricks using SAS® PROC SQL. Get examples and code on topics like the SAS data engine, fuzzy merging and reflexive joins. 


For Developers

SAS or Python? Why not use both? Using Python functions inside SAS programs

SAS or Python? Why not use both? 

I like chocolate and peanut butter. Thank goodness for Reese's Cups. I like programming in SAS and Python. Thank goodness for PROC FCMP. In his article on using Python functions inside SAS programs, Mike Zizzi discusses new capabilities in this SAS procedure.   

From SAS® Communities 

SAS Optimization on SAS Viya: Getting Started

SAS Optimization on SAS Viya: Getting Started 

In this on-demand webinar and Q/A from the live session, you'll get several examples of how Optimization is used to solve real-world problems. You'll also learn how to use SAS Optimization on Viya to build these models: 

  • Linear Programming 

  • Mixed Integer Linear Programming 

  • Nonlinear Models 

  • Network optimization (brief example) 

Discovering America's Most (and Least) Dangerous Jobs with SAS University Edition

Free Data Friday: Discovering America's most (and least) dangerous jobs with SAS University Edition 

Community member @ChrisBrooks digs into data from the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics to see which jobs are the most and least dangerous. Spoiler alert: Jobs in farming, fishing and forestry have the most risk. Computer and mathematical occupations, he found, "are the clear leader as the safest jobs in the country." Good news for you. 

A Simple Introduction to K-Nearest Neighbors Algorithm

A simple introduction to K-Nearest Neighbors algorithm 

Pop quiz: what's the 'k' mean in the K-Nearest Neighbor (KNN) algorithm? Learn the theory and SAS approach for the KNN algorithm from community member @sdhilip.  


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