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SAS Tech Report, July 2018

Whether you've been glued to sporting events like the 2018 Men's International Football Tournament or Wimbledon 2018 … or busy taking some time off to see family and get some much-needed R&R, no doubt sharpening your SAS skills remains a top priority.

I hope this collection of tips on topics ranging from GDPR and data prep to "Top 10" bar charts and SAS Viya Admin tools serves you well during these mid-summer days.

Anna Brown
Guest Editor, SAS Tech Report


SAS Tips and Tricks

%IF-%THEN in SAS programs

Using %IF-%THEN-%ELSE in SAS programs

News flash! With SAS 9.4 Maintenance 5, you can now use %IF-%THEN-%ELSE constructs in open code. Goodbye complex SAS macro programming; hello 'easier' world.

GDPR in SAS reporting

SAS tools for GDPR privacy compliant reporting

It's been a couple of months since the European Union's GDPR took effect, but organizations continue prepare for the regulation. Learn about four SAS tools that allow you to protect personal data in SAS reports by suppressing counts in small demographic group reports.

top 10 report

An easy way to make a "Top 10" table and bar chart in SAS

Here's a story of a long-ago blog post by Rick Wicklin that led to the PROC FREQ developer implementing the MAXLEVELS= option on the TABLES statement in SAS 9.4. Much to the SAS user community's delight, MAXLEVELS= option automatically creates "Top 10" tables and plots for you! Minor detail: the option applies only to one-way tables, not to cross tabulations.

data prep webinar

Data preparation best practice approaches for deriving better insights

Want to automate data preparation steps? Who doesn't? Find out how, along with other data prep tips like frequency analysis, data cleansing, and feature engineering techniques in this on-demand "Ask the Expert" webinar.

SAS Grid and kerberos

SAS Grid Manager and Kerberos Authentication

SAS Grid Manager supports transferring Kerberos (or secret-key cryptography if you want to sound cool) credentials to the execution host for use by SAS on that host. This webinar tells you all about it, and covers what to consider when implementing Kerberos authentication to submit workload to SAS Grid Manager.

SAS Environment Manager and SAS Viya

SAS Environment Manager – A SAS Viya Administrator's Swiss Army Knife

SAS administrators are now prepared for the 36th season of Survivor with SAS Viya 3.3 that offers a plethora of admin blades for any scenario. With views into licensed products, logs, machines, scheduling and an advanced data explorer – no admin will be left out in the cold (or voted off of the island).


From the SAS Communities



The MONOTONIC function, undocumented by SAS, is a means to add sequence numbers to table rows. Several papers present it as a solution to this programming problem. However, the function has some limitations. Learn what to look out for in this community article.

KDD and autotune

KDD video on Autotune: A derivative-free optimization framework for hyperparameter tuning

Entering a model competition soon? See how the SAS team came up with a hyperparameter tuning framework, called autotune, that works for varying model types. This video takes you through the story, and is part of the team's KDD 2018 Conference submission.

UCM and seasonality

Multiplicative seasonality in PROC UCM

A SAS Forecasting community member wants to hack multiplicative seasonality because the variance of their low seasonal points is too high. After knocking around some ideas on ways to tackle this, another member provides the solution: the need to manually (DATA step) back-transform the forecasts to get their multiplicative versions.

SAS News

AnalyticsX 2018

Analytics Experience 2018, Sept. 17-19, San Diego

The keynote speaker line-up is shaping up for this annual fall conference, and check out the plethora of sessions by fellow practitioners and SAS experts. Register now so you won’t miss out.


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