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Inspire the extraordinary at SAS® Global Forum 2018

SAS Global Forum is the premier event for SAS professionals worldwide, offering unequaled educational and networking opportunities. This year’s event in Denver will offer the Users Program, the Executive Program (an exclusive event for senior leaders) and the Partner Forum. Don’t miss featured presenters Peyton Manning, Jon Meacham and, of course, Jim Goodnight himself.

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A practical approach to blockchain analytics

What is blockchain, and how can you analyze data in a blockchain? This article will discuss various forms of blockchain analytics from a tactical or heuristic perspective. And how SAS technologies can provide advanced analytics for operational, value/asset and regulatory viewpoints in the diverse world of open source blockchain technologies.


Blanket security: How AI is remaking risk management

In an effort to use AI for good, not evil, forward-looking banks are embracing AI and security analytics to better safeguard themselves and their customers. They’re experimenting with AI in areas such as real-time customer authentication, cyberfraud and underwriting small business loans. Wells Fargo, Ally Bank, JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, Capital One and BBVA Group rank among the major retail banks using AI to improve online security, provide better advice to customers, streamline operations and integrate with their cybersecurity data analytics platforms.


Supercharge your fraud detection techniques

Michael Ames, Senior Director of Product Management, Decision Management and Emerging Technologies at SAS, discusses eight steps to evolve your fraud detection function from a set of fraud detection techniques to a cohesive, continuously improving system.

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Why now is the time to identify indicators of attack

Liz Goldberg of SAS knows a thing or two about security analytics. In this blog post, she explains that by transferring security's attention toward indicators of attack, you can identify abnormal activities and analyze potential threats early to stay a step ahead of adversaries.


The European payments industry: How to excel in the revised PSD2 environment

The Revised Payment Security Directive (PSD2) Regulatory Technical Standard will revolutionize banking and the way payments are processed, as well as customer relationships. This three-part blog series by banking fraud solutions and financial crimes specialist Sundeep Tengur gives you the information you need to share customer transaction and account data (where the customer has given consent) with third-party providers.

Profit Driven Business Analytics: A Practitioner's Guide to Transforming Big Data into Added Value

Profit Driven Business Analytics: A Practitioner's Guide to Transforming Big Data Into Added Value

This new book details a value-centric strategy for using analytics to heighten the accuracy of your business decisions and skyrocket your bottom line. It’s a road map to handling data, optimizing data analytics for specific companies, and continuously evaluating and improving the entire process. Or if you’re interested, author Bart Baesens teaches an e-learning course on this topic.


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