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SAS® Student Ambassador Program

Recognition for your SAS® knowledge and skills.

Showcase your SAS skills, and stand out from your peers. The highly competitive SAS Student Ambassador program is designed to recognize the next generation of SAS professionals.

This opportunity put me on the track for what I’d wanted for my career for several years. ... My presentation allowed me to demonstrate real skills that weren’t on my resume. And that helped me solve the old puzzle, ‘How do you get the job if you don’t already have the job?’ Cameron Jagoe SAS Student Ambassador

About the SAS® Student Ambassador Program

Who is eligible for the program?

Both graduate and undergraduate degree-seeking students are eligible to apply. Recent graduates also may be eligible. Your submitted project must have been conducted within 12 months of the submission deadline. Applicants are required to submit papers, present projects and participate in question-and-answer sessions in English, so a solid command of the English language is also necessary.

What if my research has a co-author?

Student papers with co-authors, such as other students, professors, and/or persons from outside academia are permitted; however, students selected as ambassadors must be the primary presenter at the conference.  

If multiple students co-author a paper, each student must submit an individual SAS Student Ambassador application. If a student on a paper with multiple authors is selected as an ambassador, there is no guarantee that the other authors will also be selected as ambassadors, as our selection of SAS Student Ambassadors is based on multiple criteria. It is important that you and your co-authors determine who will be the primary author on the paper, and indicate that on your applications.

What is involved in the selection process?

Content submissions are judged by the SAS Global Forum conference leaders, who determine each year what content merits acceptance for presentation. Conference leaders evaluate each application and select who will be named SAS Student Ambassadors.

What types of projects are appropriate for submission?

SAS Global Forum is known for providing excellent content useful to SAS users of all levels. Visit the SAS Global Forum site for more details on developing a content proposal, as well as great information on the types of audiences and industries represented at SAS Global Forum.

Can I submit more than one paper?

You may submit more than one paper. However, you must submit a separate application for each paper.

2016 SAS Student Ambassadors

2016 SAS® Student Ambassadors

Pictured from left to right: Matthew Collins, Lucy D'Agostino McGowan, Vinoth Kumar Raja, Kyle Irimata, Sherrie Rodriguez, Veronica Renauldo, Katherine Cai, Cameron Jagoe, Verlin Joseph, Sara Armandi, Niloofar Ramezani, Mostakim Tanjil.

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