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SAS® Joint Certificate Program

Preparing students for success in a data-rich world.

Help bridge the gap between the supply of and demand for analytical talent in today's business world by developing a joint certificate program with SAS.


What is the SAS® Joint Certificate program?

The SAS Joint Certificate program is designed to assist universities in preparing students to work in a data-rich business environment. The joint certificate documents students’ coursework using SAS software to solve real-world business problems, giving students a competitive advantage in the job market. It's a great way to give special recognition to students who have shown excellence in using and applying SAS technologies.

How does the SAS® Joint Certificate program work?

SAS works closely with your institution to develop a joint certificate program in a variety of areas of SAS expertise, typically as part of an existing degree program. Standalone, non-degree certificate proposals may also be considered. Your university administers the program, and SAS co-sponsors the certificate. Minimum requirements for credit hours and covered topics must be met.

University Responsibilities

  • Develop new courses or choose pre-existing ones for the joint certificate program, which must include a minimum of 12 credit hours. At least half of the courses must use SAS software. Students need to complete a project using real data as part of the certificate requirements.
  • Work with SAS to select a theme and title for the certificate.
  • Deliver course instruction, administer the program and verify that students have met certificate requirements.
  • Create and award the certificates.

SAS Responsibilities

  • Review and approve the syllabus and all proposed course content.
  • Collaborate on the certificate's theme and title.
  • Provide the SAS logo to your university for use on the certificates and related marketing materials.
  • Co-sign the certificates.
  • Recognize your university's certificate program by promoting it on SAS websites.
The demand for the SAS certificate has exceeded our expectations. We see students from all different parts of campus – biology, political science, psychology and nursing. There’s a wide diversity of majors because what the courses teach is useful in so many fields. Jennifer Priestley Assistant Professor of Applied Statistics Kennesaw State University

How do I get started developing a joint certificate with SAS?

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