BCBS 239: More questions than answers?

When you think about it, the 14 principles of BCBS 239 address the things you’re already trying to do – build a strong risk IT, provide complete, accurate information to your decision makers and break down your silos. What’s new here?

Peyman Mestchian, Managing Partner at Chartis Research, and Tom Kimner, Head of Americas Risk at SAS, discuss the principles and the questions the principles leave unanswered. For instance: How will the principles be implemented, executed and enforced? What kind of investments do you need to make? What is risk data?

The good news is, the investments you make in your data and reporting will pay for themselves through lower losses, lower capital needs, lower operational risk costs and lower operational costs. Read BCBS 239: Meeting regulatory obligations while optimizing cost reductions to learn how forward-looking finance executives are using high-performance technologies to create  compliant risk reporting processes – and ultimately realize the goal of sustainable profitability.

man scratching head bcbs 239

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