Analytics is a must-have for any size business.


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Whether you're a small business or midsize business, you're a big deal to us.

Your business faces the same challenges as larger organizations – how to get better insights from your data, improve your customer's experience and optimize employee productivity. But with fewer resources and a tighter budget. Easy-to-use analytics, on the cloud or on your desktop, and results-oriented services are some of the solutions within your reach to make faster, smarter decisions.

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Analytics makes sense. But why SAS® Analytics?

Knowing exactly who you are as a company – and why your customers should care – can be challenging. Not to mention the potential risks of not knowing. As the leader in analytics, SAS helps small and midsize businesses better understand their potential for increased revenue, growth and competitive advantage.

Featured SMB Customer | Twiddy and Company

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With a portfolio of more than 900 managed properties, Twiddy uses SAS to support the operations side of its business. The family-run hospitality business has reduced error-related financial losses by 15 percent.

How Midsized Businesses Can Take Advantage of Big Data white paper

How midsized businesses can take advantage of big data.

Seven practical tips for getting started with data visualization.

We’ve seen it. We’ve solved it.

For decades, SAS has met every type of business challenge, in every type of industry. Our business consultants and software developers have the proven track record to understand your industry’s nuances. And an eye on innovation that will keep you one step ahead of an evolving competitive landscape.

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