Inventory & Price Optimization

Maximize inventory productivity and drive profitable life cycle pricing on every item in every location.

How SAS® Enables Inventory & Price Optimization

Manage inventory to drive higher inventory turns and fewer markdowns with tailored plans and assortments that boost customer satisfaction and reduce carrying costs.

Automated, collaborative inventory planning

  • Avoid understocks and overstocks and improve customer satisfaction with increased on-shelf performance.
  • Better plan for promotional, seasonal and event-driven demand fluctuations.
  • Reduce planning time using automation and collaboration.

Optimized inventory replenishment

  • Create optimized inventory replenishment plans based on supply chain constraints while minimizing safety stock.
  • Drive higher inventory ROI with agile multiechelon allocation plans.
  • Align your merchandising strategy with location-based demand.

Pricing strategies that maximize profits

  • Plan pricing at all levels of your product and location hierarchy – down to store/SKU.
  • Drive increased average unit sales prices with life cycle pricing analytics.
  • Strategically execute timely pricing actions by location to minimize markdowns and obsolete inventory.

Why choose SAS® for inventory and price optimization?

Automate and optimize inventory distribution by calculating optimized inventory levels and order quantities for every SKU, location and channel.

Localize & drive profitability

Statistically cluster locations based on selling patterns to work more efficiently and maximize revenue.

Increase profit margins

Optimize profitable pricing strategies over the product life cycle.

Boost your financial performance

Use proven analytics to optimize assortments to increase your inventory's productivity and profitability.


Working Smarter With SAS®

Developing strategic initiatives & planning financial strategies that drive profitability

SAS helped a US regional department store undergo a total technology transformation that:

  • Includes a new merchandising platform that supports its strategies and initiatives.
  • Maximizes inventory precision by product and location through localized assortments.
  • Drives supply chain and store operation efficiencies through optimized pack recommendations.

Knowing the right pricing strategy for each stage of the product life cycle

SAS helped the world's largest supplier of athletic shoes and apparel:

  • Automate the decision-making process.
  • Develop a product life cycle pricing structure that helps reduce markdowns.
  • Understand competitor pricing.
  • Plan strategies that improve gross margin.

Creating customer-centric assortments to meet local demand, both online & offline

SAS helped Russia's largest cosmetics & beauty retailer:

  • Create an integrated planning process from strategy to execution.
  • Localize assortments to meet customer demand.
  • Increase revenue and profit margins through improved inventory precision.
  • Reduce out-of-stock and overstocked inventory imbalances.

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