SAS® Revenue Management and Price Optimization Analytics for Hospitality and Travel (RPMO)

SAS® Revenue Management & Price Optimization Analytics

Better pricing decisions, greater profitability

Improve your pricing decisions and drive greater profitability with revenue management and price optimization capabilities configured specifically for your business. You’ll get access to the latest demand modeling, forecasting and price optimization algorithms – tailored to your unique business needs by our team of pricing experts.

Previously, we spent 80 percent of our time pulling data from disparate systems. Now, with SAS, we're spending about 95 percent of our time making business decisions on assigning the right value to inventory.

Srinidhi Melkote
Director of Analytics
Wyndham Exchange and Rentals


Base decisions on accurate, detailed forecasts.

Take the guesswork out of forecasting with a forecasting engine that dynamically selects the most appropriate forecasting method. Automated pattern recognition ensures accuracy with the right level of detail.

Focus on pricing strategies – not data manipulation.

Flexible analytics lets you include whatever data you think might be relevant to your pricing. This means you can spend less time manipulating data and more time making strategic decisions.

Get more revenue, market share from better pricing.

Better manage all your demand streams by applying innovative pricing, yield and hybrid models simultaneously. Take price sensitivity of demand and competitive pricing effects into account during the analysis – not post-process – to ensure greater accuracy. And because the optimization model includes overbooking, you can minimize unused inventory while maintaining accurate pricing.

Tune pricing analytics to fit your business.

Get a robust, cutting-edge analytic engine that's customized to your specific business needs and unique operating conditions. Flexible deployment options mean minimal disruption to your operations and maximum revenue returns.



SAS Revenue Management and Price Optimization Analytics (RPMO)
  • Highly flexible analytics.
  • High-performance forecasting.

  • Price and inventory optimization.
  • Broad integration capabilities.

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