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The amazing merits of AI technology are all around us. If businesses doubt that, they simply don’t know enough about its potential to complement human innovation. SAS is changing that. While SAS has always been at the forefront of AI technology, we’re focusing even more on training, education and consulting to help our customers accelerate adoption of AI and machine learning and speed up return on investment.

AI Has People Talking

SAS announces $1 billion investment in artificial intelligence.

SAS, driving the future of analytics, is investing $1 billion in AI over the next three years through software innovation, education, expert services and more. The commitment builds on SAS’ already strong foundation in AI which includes advanced analytics, machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing (NLP) and computer vision.

"An autonomous car is not a robot sitting in the driver’s seat. AI is embedded in the vehicle to adapt, sense and react. It’s analytics hidden in plain sight."

Oliver Schabenberger, COO and CTO of SAS

"AI has been an integral part of SAS software for years. Today we help customers in every industry capitalize on advancements in AI, and we'll continue embedding AI technologies like machine learning and deep learning in solutions across the SAS portfolio."

Jim Goodnight, CEO of SAS

"Our ambition is to bring real-time data analytics to billions of soccer fans all over the world."

Giels Brouwer, CEO of SciSports

"Our challenge is how to harness AI … and create an environment where there’s room for us and all the rest of the species in this world."

Sky Alibhai, WildTrack

"Combating the opioid crisis includes analyzing data scattered across government agencies ... and taking advantage of sophisticated methods like pattern recognition, machine learning and AI."

US Health & Human Services Office of Inspector General

How to apply ethics for a more secure future with artificial intelligence

SAS® Global Forum 2019

Join us on a journey of discovery to see how artificial intelligence and analytics in action transform our world.

Industry Applications for AI

Practically every industry has something to gain from artificial intelligence and machine learning. Explore how SAS solutions with embedded AI capabilities are already helping industries such as banking, government, retail, manufacturing, and health care and life sciences unlock new possibilities.

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