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SAS®: Security, Best Practices, Validation and Monitoring

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This complimentary webinar is hosted by the SAS® Users Group for Administrators (SUGA).

SAS has been installed at your organization – now what? How do you approach configuring groups, roles, folders and permissions in your environment? We’ll show you how in this webinar hosted by the SAS Users Group for Administrators (SUGA).

In this webinar, you’ll learn key best practices within the US SAS Consulting division to design a SAS®9 metadata security model and a corresponding file system security model. The presentation will lay a foundation for how to secure your SAS environment and show where Metacoda software can help to ensure your environment remains secure with validation and active, regular monitoring.

Presented by Angie Hedberg, SAS Technical Consulting Manager and Michelle Homes, Metacoda co-founder

Angie Hedberg, SAS
Angie Hedberg has worked in the SAS Consulting organization for 17 years and has served in the roles of consultant, architect, technical lead, security specialist and manager. Hedberg has extensive knowledge of the SAS®9 platform, including platform architecture, administration, metadata management, integration with third-party products and advanced security configurations.

Michelle Homes, Metacoda
Michelle Homes is an enthusiastic and active member of the SAS community and social sphere. A SAS user since the 1990s, Homes co-founded Metacoda in 2007. As Business Development Manager, she enjoys working with SAS customers around the world to keep their SAS platforms secure through effective metadata administration.

About the SAS® Users Group for Administrators (SUGA)
The SAS Users Group for Administrators (SUGA) is open to all SAS administrators who install, update, manage or maintain a SAS deployment. Its purpose is to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas, information and best practices with SAS solutions. To learn more or to join our group, visit the SUGA communities site.

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