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Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions – we've got answers. 

Is there a fee to attend virtual SAS Global Forum on demand?

No. The event is complimentary.

Do I have to register for the event to view it?

Yes, registration is required prior to accessing the event on demand. If you already registered for the live event, you do not have to register again.

With more than 150 sessions, how do I know what to attend?

We are so glad to offer such an array of sessions across multiple industries and topic areas. We recommend you enter the Auditorium of our virtual event and view the SAS Executive Welcome. Visit all of the areas within the Auditorium to see sessions for many audiences. From the lobby area, be sure to visit the virtual Quad. The Quad has so much to offer, including technology booths for Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, IoT and Solutions. Before you leave, don’t forget to stop by the Lounge where you will have access to resources and programs for the entire users community.

When will the virtual event be held?

Since March 5 when SAS announced that SAS Global Forum would become a virtual experience, a lot has happened – at SAS and in the world around us. SAS is excited that we have been able to offer free sessions available on our SAS Users YouTube channel since April 14. Then, we provided the first of the three-part series of the Executive Connection. Our biggest virtual event took place on June 16, but you can watch on demand right now at your leisure. You’ll have access to more sessions for users, executives and partners – plus a virtual exhibit hall experience.

Will I be able to view the session from featured presenter, optimist and bestselling author Simon Sinek?

Yes. You can view Simon Sinek’s featured session for a limited time, until July 16.

What can I expect from the virtual Quad?

The virtual Quad offers a casual environment that allows attendees to set the pace and take in information that’s applicable to them. We will feature five different booth areas – Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, IoT and Solutions. See all the virtual Quad has to offer.

How does the ‘virtual briefcase’ work?

You will be able to add Resources to your virtual briefcase. They will be attached to your event profile so that you can log back into the environment to access the files. Some files will be available to download to your desktop.

How can I provide my feedback on the event?

While viewing the event on demand, access the feedback survey and receive a discount on your next e-book purchase, valid through June 30, 2020!

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