About the award

Big data can feel like a galloping herd of mustangs, running roughshod over everything in its path. If you don’t make a smart decision, the data can knock you down.

There are only a few people in this world who have the gumption to take bad data head on and wrestle it to the ground. Are you one of these heroes – a data steward?

From now until Nov. 25, we’re taking nominations for the sixth annual Data Steward of the Year Award, also known as the Stewie. Winners get some cool SAS swag and bragging rights around the data corral.

Cartoon drawing of a trophy with a horse shoe leaning on it

Who’s eligible?

Basically, anyone who’s not afraid to stare down the thorniest data disasters they can find. Nominees don’t need a data steward title. Just a data steward attitude. If they’re smart, patient, determined and an all-around data whiz, they qualify.

We’ll announce the winner Dec. 14 on this website.

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