Honorable alumni (aka Stewie Hall of Famers)

Behold, the data warriors of days gone by. They wield sharp swords, even sharper minds – and they’ve never met a mass of unstructured data they couldn’t slay. Meet our previous winners:

Lee Strode

2014 winner: Lee Strode, Capital One

As the second winner in a row hailing from Capital One, Lee confirms our suspicions that this US-based financial institution has its act together when it comes to managing data. An MIS analyst manager, Lee is known for solving data challenges such as timeliness, incorrect or incomplete data loads – and keeping everyone informed when a change might affect processes.

Maureen Spence

2013 winner: Maureen Spence, Capital One

Maureen is a Senior MIS Analyst Manager at Capital One. She leads a team that supports all Bank Data Store applications, as well as more than 1,000 direct and 10,000 indirect users. She has worked tirelessly to automate processes and enable data information availability to all end users. Maureen partners with IT and business stakeholders daily. Her co-workers see her as an invaluable team member, and customers consider her their go-to problem solver.

Falguni Sanghani

2012 winner: Falguni Sanghani, iJET Intelligent Risk Systems

Described by her co-workers as a “real dynamo when it comes to data,” Falguni is clearly a data steward standout. She churns through countless rows of data to find (and fix) data quality issues, settling for nothing less than perfection. Says one of her teammates, “She inspires me to dig deeper, know more and never settle for anything but the best outcome of any scenario. She makes our job fun and keeps our data clean and clients happy.”

Barbara Deemer

2011 winner: Barbara Deemer, Sallie Mae

Described as a “one-woman powerhouse” when it comes to business data, Barbara has held a multitude of positions at Sallie Mae. She was nominated – and won the inaugural Stewie award in 2011 – because she’s able to combine her extensive wealth of information with a likable, friendly, genuine personality.


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