Meet the judges

Everyone’s a critic, man. But these folks aren’t out to write a scathing review of your latest album. They know a thing or two about data management – and they’re this year’s judges. Allow us to introduce:

Anne Buff

Anne Buff: Data management thought leader at SAS, speaker, tenacious triathlete.

Favorite song: Run the World (Girls)
(*Probably not. But check out her bio and you’ll see why we made this assumption.)

Barbara Deemer

Barbara Deemer: Chief data steward at Sallie Mae, one-woman data powerhouse, first-ever Data Steward of the Year.

Favorite song: The Girl From Ipadeemer
(*Not even close. But we still think it’s funny.)

Jim Harris

Jim Harris: Blogger-in-chief at OCDQ, data quality thought leader, titan on Twitter.

Favorite song: Somewhere Over the Data Governance Rainbow
(*He performed this in front of a packed house once. Then never again.)

Dylan Jones

Dylan Jones: Data quality guru, founder of Data Quality Pro and one of our all-time favorite Brits.

Favorite song: Hey Jude
(*We’re guessing here. But it has to be something from the British invasion, right?)

Joyce Norris-Montanari

Joyce Norris-Montanari: President of DBTech Solutions, consultant and overall hoot to hang around with.

Favorite song: Ode to Joyce
(*Or maybe that’s just what her clients hum when she solves their data management problems.)

Falguni Sanghani

Falguni Sanghani: Senior data analyst for iJet International, data dynamo, Data Steward of the Year 2012.

Favorite song: Leaving on an iJet Plane
(*Oh, that’s bad.)

Phil Simon

Phil Simon: Data expert, speaker, author and diehard fan of the band Rush (but we won’t hold that against him).

Favorite song: Tom Sawyer
(*OK so we picked a random Rush song, which probably isn’t his favorite at all. Queue the angry email from Phil in 3…2…1…)

Maureen Spence

Maureen Spence: MIS analyst manager at Capital One, beloved team member, Data Steward of the Year 2013.

Favorite song: Come On, Maureen
(*Maybe even worse than our iJet plane joke. And now you probably have that song stuck in your head.)

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