About the award

From now until Nov. 21, we’re taking nominations for the 4th annual Data Steward of the Year award, also known as the Stewie. It’s sort of like a Grammy … except not. But you’ll want it anyway, because winners get a lifetime of fame.* (*Fame within the data governance community, that is.)

You’ll get some cool swag, though. And bragging rights around the office. Plus maybe one day you’ll be allowed to demand that all the brown M&Ms are picked out of the candy jar before you get to work.

Data Stewards Day Award

Winners will be announced Dec. 9 at the Data Governance Winter Conference in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. That means the pressure is on. It’s time to hit the studio and start recording your nomination.

Who’s eligible?

Basically, anyone who rocks when it comes to managing data. They don’t need a “data steward” title. Or a PhD in computer science. As long as they’re brilliant, patient, hard-working and an all-around data whiz, they qualify.

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