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CEO Roundtable on Cancer

Join us for CEO Roundtable on Cancer – XVII

November 1 - 2 | SAS World Headquarters | Cary, NC

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Bob Bradway Martin Murphy and Joaquin Duato at CEO Roundtable 2017
Men Talking at CEO Roundtable 2017
Woman Panelist at CEO Roundtable 2017

"Bold and venturesome" were the words President George H.W. Bush, our founder, used to describe the spirit we must bring to our work to confront and conquer cancer.

Our work continues as we make preparations for the CEO Roundtable on Cancer – XVII.

Registration opens in September 2018.

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Please contact: Therese Martin


SAS is a tobacco-free campus and is proud to support the CEO Roundtable on Cancer – XVII. Video and podcasts will be available post-meeting. Release forms will be provided at the meeting.

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