Audience in sessions Analytics Experience

For Executives

As a leader, at the forefront of analytics for your organization, you’re tasked with constant transformation. No other discipline works more closely to understand and interpret the needs of your business, clients and customers. That means new insight at every step. It means new ways of thinking. It means brand new solutions, with the power to take your organization to the next level. It’s always staying one step ahead, on the leading edge of analytics. Analytics Experience is here to offer that extra step.

With case studies offering tangible statistics on ROI for specific analytics processes and the latest techniques in analytics, Analytics Experience can guide you through transformation and help you innovate your business. Analytics Experience also allows attendees the freedom to attend technical sessions and networking events that encourage sharing across all levels.

What’s in it for you?

Complimentary Registration
For eligible leaders at the director level and above, conference registration is free. Contact your SAS representative for details or select the Executive option when you register.

Find Fresh Analytical Talent
Meet recent and soon-to-be graduates from university analytics programs. Give your organization first dibs on the best analytics talent and find personnel who are a great fit for your organization.

Meeting Center
Request a one-to-one or small group meeting to discuss a specific issue or business challenge with other attendees, SAS executives, partners or a SAS expert. Contact your SAS representative for more details or to request a meeting.

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