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Increase Your Speed – Automate Your Smart Network Analytics


 Cost: Complimentary

How can real-time and automated AI/ML improve your Network Customer Experience?

  • Discover how you can deploy analytics on the edge on drones to inspect cell towers and recommend maintenance
  • Understand how to automate network anomaly detection and use real-time decisioning to recommend actions
  • Learn how automated, granular forecasting can optimize your CapEx and reduce OpEx
  • Hear from Telefonica Spain how it uses AI/ML capabilities to deploy its fiber network and retire legacy copper networks

With significant but limited investment and increasing expectations from customers, CSPs need to enhance their network strategically, doing more with less. Automation, AI/ML and real-time analytics are key enablers to optimize infrastructure investments, increase efficiency, quality of service and improve customer experiences. These advanced analytics deployed in the cloud and at the edge are integral to delivering best-in-class network performance.

Join our panel of experts to learn how to optimize CapEx and reduce OpEx using artificial intelligence, automation and real-time analytics by implementing smart capacity planning, real-time network operations monitoring and alerting, and proactive network maintenance to ensure the best possible customer experience.

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Welcome & Opening

  • Debbie Mayville, Global Industry Lead for Telco, Media, & Technology at SAS

Network Analytics - Edge, Real-time & Automation

  • Andrea Moore, Principal Customer Advisory - SAS
  • Peter Cirocco, Systems Engineer Customer Advisory - SAS 
  • Steve Sparano, Principal Product Manager, Event Stream Processing, IOT

Telefonica Spain

  • Teresa Herrero Zamorano – Network Strategy and Capacity Manager Telefónica Spain


  • Debbie Mayville - Global Industry Lead for Telco, Media, & Technology at SAS