Digital Transformation in Public Safety

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February 2 – 3, 2021 | 10 a.m. – Noon ET
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The pace of technological change is one of the most significant challenges facing public safety agencies today. But advances in digital technology offer some of the most innovative solutions, and data-driven insights will be central to ensuring public safety in the digital age.

Please join us for this virtual summit as we explore how data can be used to improve public safety. Learn how one platform can be used to address both operational and investigative work.

The event will span two half-days and include recorded sessions with live Q&A and breakout sessions.

Session content includes:

  • Stemming the tide of human trafficking
  • Opiates during COVID-19 and reform
  • Innovative use of data and analytics in investigations
  • Homicide: the social and financial impact
  • Gang impact analysis
  • Community trust, transparency and officer wellness


Day 1
Tuesday, Feb. 2
Welcome    Nilay Cetin, Director of Justice and Public Safety, SAS
KeynoteReform or Innovation? Kathy O’Toole, Partner, 21st Century Policing Solutions

One Platform for Data to Intelligence, Stu Bradley, VP of Fraud and Security Intelligence, SAS

What Digital Transformation Means for Law Enforcement, Todd Chamberlain, Industry Consultant, SAS; Former Chief of Police, Los Angeles School Police Department

The Role of Analytics in Policing Reform and Officer Wellness Programs, Major Juan Colon, Industry Consultant for Justice and Public Safety, SAS
Day 2
Wednesday, Feb. 3
Executive SessionTechnical Track
10:00 a.m.       Data and Analytics to Focus on the Persistent Problem of Opioids
  • Steve Kearney, PharmD, Medical Director, SAS
  • Juan Colon, Industry Consultant for Justice and Public Safety, SAS
Data Partnerships: Augmenting Your Investigative Data Sets
  • Steve Shirley, Industry Consultant for Justice and Public Safety, SAS
  • Scott Smothers, Thomson Reuters
  • Mike Pekala, Skopenow
10:30 a.m.Homicide: The Social and Financial Impact
  • Colin Field, Industry Consultant for Global Security Intelligence Practice, SAS;
    Former Detective Chief Superintendent
Innovative Use of Data and Analytics in Investigations
  • Robert Woodruff, Principal Technical Consultant for Justice and Public Safety, SAS
11:00 a.m.Stemming the Tide of Human Trafficking (Panel)
  • Jennifer Robinson, Director of Local Government Solutions, SAS
  • Brook Bello, PhD, Founding CEO and Visionary, More Too Life
  • Shawn Holtzclaw, Executive Director and Board Member, The Knoble
  • Dan Tamburro, Senior Director of R&D, SAS
Case Study: Integrating Health, Social and Justice System Data for Better Outcomes
  • Scott DeBurgomaster, Manager for Consulting, SAS
  • Pamela Hipp, Senior Analytical Consultant, SAS
11:30 a.m.
Community Trust, Transparency and Officer Wellness
  • C.J. Davis, Chief of Police, Durham
Gang Impact Analysis
  • Jen Lampert, Industry Consultant for Justice and Public Safety, SAS

SAS Virtual Summit
Digital Transformation in Public Safety

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