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New year. New rules.

Instead of our usual booth in NYC, we reformulated our approach and provided additional content on sas.com during NRF Chapter One.

Now you can revisit our most popular presentations and register to watch highlights from SAS at NRF Chapter One. You’ll hear customer case studies, see demos of our latest products and learn about the trends affecting retailers in 2021.

Why Watch?

Whether you’re a large multinational retailer, a grocer, a small business, an e-commerce site or a CPG, analytics from SAS can help you rewrite your future and chart your path forward.

Build and rebuild customer relationships that matter.

Retune merchandising with strategies that are aligned with accurate demand insights for new and existing products.

Reduce fraud and protect revenue with event stream processing and real-time analytics.


Highlights from SAS at NRF Chapter One

 Day One Highlights: Rewriting the Rules of Retail With Cloud Analytics
Rewriting the Rules of Supply Chain With Cloud Analytics
Leaders from SAS and Microsoft discuss how retailers can develop a more flexible supply chain from vendor to retailer to a consumer’s doorstep – and why it’s key for the retail industry in 2021.

Tom Backus, Business Strategy Leader, Worldwide Retail & Consumer Goods, Microsoft
Richard Widdowson, Vice President of Global Retail and CPG Solutions, SAS
Rewriting the Rules of Customer Experience With Cloud Analytics
Learn how cloud analytics makes it easier than ever for retailers to personalize experiences, connect e-commerce and brick-and-mortar systems, and scale capabilities like analytical merchandising and intelligent marketing.

Colin Wright, Global Director, Business Strategy CPG & Retail Industry, Microsoft
Smarter, More Agile Supply Chains With SAS and C.H. Robinson
C.H. Robinson and SAS have joined forces to unlock a new era of dynamic business planning for retail and CPG companies. Leaders from both organizations will share how this first-of-its-kind integration of demand planning data and real-time transportation data will drive smarter, more agile supply chains.

Chris O’Brien, Chief Commercial Officer, C.H. Robinson
Richard Widdowson, Vice President of Global Retail and CPG Solutions, SAS
NRF Big Ideas Session

Brand Awareness to Brand Love: Ulta Beauty Advances Next-Gen Personalization and Loyalty
Kelly Mahoney, Vice President of Customer Marketing at Ulta Beauty, shares how Ulta Beauty transforms data into valuable insights to fuel unique, enduring experiences for existing and new guests.
Day Two Highlights: Rewriting the Rules of Merchandising
What 5G Means for Retail
Learn what 5G is and how this technology shift will help rewrite the rules of retail analytics. 5G enables a new kind of network designed to connect virtually everyone and everything together, including machines, objects and devices. This allows more devices to communicate in real-time and creates the potential for an innovative, interactive customer experience.

Brittany Bullard, Principal Solutions and Analytical Advisor, SAS
Debbie Mayville, Global Advisory Lead for Telco, Media and Technology, SAS
Demo: SAS® Intelligent Planning
In this demonstration, SAS will highlight the retail best practices embedded within this product that will help you set merchandise financial goals based on past, present and future demand. You’ll see how to control merchandise spending and optimize inventory investments with intelligent open-to-buy and customer-centric assortments.

Brittany Bullard, Principal Solutions and Analytical Advisor, SAS
Day Three Highlights: Rewriting the Rules of Demand Planning
Customer Case Study: Reimagining Hanesbrands in the Wake of COVID-19
The COVID-19 pandemic has affected manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers with dramatic changes in supply and demand profiles. In this 30-minute discussion, you’ll see how one wholesale/retail organization, Hanesbrands, is building resilience in its supply chain to adapt and retool rapidly to meet the needs of customers and consumers.

Hemant Ramaswami, Director of Global Planning and Supply Chain Analytics, Hanesbrands Inc.
Chad Schumacher, Customer Advisor for Consumer Packaged Goods and Retail, SAS
Demo: Enterprise Retail Forecasting With SAS®
Learn how SAS uses advanced time series and machine learning techniques to help you quickly predict and plan consumer demand across the enterprise. SAS offers cutting-edge algorithms and built-in best practices for diagnosing historical data, automatically forecasting across complex hierarchies and identifying actionable forecast exceptions. Manage the complexities of your business with automatic demand segmentation, which enables you to better predict demand for the varying characteristics across your entire portfolio.

Jessica Curtis, Principal Analytics Advisor, SAS
Day Four Highlights: Rewriting the Rules of Customer Experience
Customer Case Study
Learn how a SAS customer (a large department store) was able to increase revenue and product profitability by delivering better customer experiences infused with advanced analytics and enhanced marketing decisions throughout the retail journey.

Marissa Rapaport, Retail Analytics Customer Advisor, SAS
Demo: SAS® Customer Intelligence 360
Learn more about our easy-to-use marketing interface backed by advanced analytic capabilities. See how it enables marketers and business analysts to quickly transform digital data into predictive, customer-focused insight.

Marissa Rapaport, Retail Analytics Customer Advisor, SAS
Day Five Highlight: Rewriting the Rules of Enterprise Retail Fraud
Fireside Chat With SAS and KPMG – Refocus Priorities: Protect Your Assets and Profitability During Retail Digital Transformation
Join SAS and KPMG to learn how predictive in-stream analytics and machine learning monitor customer ideation through transaction to segmentation while alerting retailers to the suspicious behavior of cross-channel purchases and returns. Feed the insight back into marketing campaigns to sustain the benefits. Protect CX, inventory levels and profitability.

Donna McGuckin, Retail Solutions & Analytics Advisor, SAS
Ivor O’Neill, Managing Director, Internal Audit & Enterprise Risk, KPMG
Veena Hirannaiah, Principal Solutions Architect, SAS

Meet Our Expert Guests

Brittany Bullard

Brittany Bullard
Principal Solutions and Analytical Advisor, SAS

Jessica Curtis

Jessica Curtis
Principal Analytics Advisor, SAS

Jason Gautereaux

Bill Farnsworth
Global Retail Business Development Manager, Cisco Industry Solutions Group

Jason Gautereaux

Jason Gautereaux
Senior Manager, Pre-Sales Support, SAS

Candy Conway

Khondoker Huq
Global Head of IoT Market Strategy, SAS

Debbie Mayville
Global Advisory Lead for Telco, Media and Technology, SAS

Donna McGuckin

Donna McGuckin
Retail Customer Advisor, SAS

Dan Mitchell
Director of Global Retail and CPG Practice, SAS

Marissa Rapaport
Retail Analytics Customer Advisor, SAS

Chad Schumacher
Customer Advisor for Consumer Packaged Goods and Retail, SAS

Richard Widdowson

Richard Widdowson
Vice President of Global Retail and CPG Solutions, SAS

SAS® for Retail

Only SAS bridges merchandising, marketing, the supply chain process and store operations across the entire retail organization.

That’s why 934 retailers worldwide – and 91 of the top 100 companies on the 2019 Fortune Global 500® – rely on SAS.



2019 Fortune Global 500®




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SAS is proud to be the sponsor of the 2021 NRF Foundation Next Generation Scholarship. This year, in addition to the $25,000 financial award, SAS retail experts will also provide mentorship for the five finalists.

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