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Join SAS at DIA 2020

Booth 1306 | June 14 - 18 | Washington, DC

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Transform data into life-changing insights

AI and advanced analytics for the future of clinical research

There’s more to SAS® in life sciences. Discover how SAS can help you:

  • Enable innovation in trial design through machine learning and AI supported by the Internet of Medical Things.
  • Generate robust real-world evidence to better support your products at any point in their life cycle.
  • Scale your analytics for complex simulations and big data computations.
  • Extend access to data and analytics to your whole team, including users with nontechnical backgrounds.

Visit us at DIA 2020 in Booth 1306

As the market leader in clinical research analytics, SAS provides a secure analytics foundation and scalable framework for clinical analysis and submission.

We'll offer short demos of solutions and techniques, including AI and machine learning, that can help your organization gain a competitive edge in the high-stakes world of clinical research analytics – from getting trials up and running to modernizing trial designs to generating robust real-world evidence throughout the product life cycle.

Learn how SAS helps life sciences companies deliver life-changing therapies to market faster and more efficiently.

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SAS Innovation Theater Presentations

Monday, June 15 | 1:45 – 2:15 p.m. | Theater 2 Exhibit Hall

Augmented Clinical Trials: The Role of New Trial Designs and the Internet of Medical Things

To drive better therapies to market faster and stay competitive, life sciences companies must evolve the clinical research process. Virtual and hybrid trial designs improve patient enrollment, compliance and experience. They lead to increased trial outcomes as patient adherence, clinical biomarkers and other areas of clinical benefit are more easily measured and analyzed during development. And they enable real-time decisions to protect patients against possible adverse events or to prevent risks of supply shortage. Machine learning and AI, supported by the Internet of Medical Things, are the analytics engine that enables this innovation in trial design by keeping researchers connected to patients and their data.


Speaker 1

Jim Box
Senior Presales Solutions Architect, SAS
Box provides strategic insights across the life sciences industry, with a focus on optimizing the execution of clinical trials. He spent 18 years in the CRO industry, holding leadership roles in statistics, statistical programming, data management and information technology. Throughout his career, he’s used analytics and simulation to improve business processes across all aspects of an organization. He holds degrees in analytics (MSA) and management (MBA) from North Carolina State University; statistics (MS) from Duke University; systems management (MS) from the Florida Institute of Technology; and mathematics (BS) from California State University, Chico. Prior to joining his current team, Box spent a year with the SAS Solutions OnDemand Advanced Analytics Lab, working with customers on fraud detection, forecasting and modeling projects.

Speaker 1

Matt Becker
Advisory Industry Consultant, SAS
Becker has been a Principal Industry Consultant at SAS since 2013. Prior to joining SAS, he had been using SAS in the life sciences industry since 1988, with focus areas of clinical programming, clinical data management and clinical visualizations. He has presented numerous papers and won best paper awards at DIA, PharmaSUG, SUGI, SAS Global Forum, PHUSE, PharmaSUG China and numerous regional users group meetings.

And don’t forget to visit JMP at Booth 1017

Meet with a SAS analytics expert at Booth 1306

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