SAS Performance Management Customer Connection

SAS Institute B.V., Netherlands
May 29-30, 2018


Tuesday, May 29

Update on Driver Based Budgeting
Joe Alphonse, SAS Finance
Multitenancy with SAS FM at SDC – Enabling Customer Banks on One Environment
Rune Pilgaard Jensen – SDC
Emerging Trends: Increased use of FM and SAS Cost and Profitability Management together
Peter Turney, President, CT Global
Manash Ray, Co-Founder, CT Global
Leveraging Ownership Rules in SAS FM
Rob Rowan, International Finance Controller, SAS Finance
Performance Management Roadmap & Direction
SAS FM/Profitability Management

Tony Adkins, Product Manager, SAS Product Management

Wednesday, May 30

Using CPM for Activity Based Planning and Budgeting
Tony Adkins, Product Manager, SAS
Investment Budgeting at the Danish Police
Ida Pico Nielsen, Danish Police
Martin Ravnholt, SAS
SAS Finance changes – Global ERP Rollout
Lisa Vulinec, Director Financial Analysis, SAS Finance
SAS CPM: Success stories and lessons learned
Оксана Максименко, Senior Consultant, SAS Russia