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Getting the Most Out of SAS® Grid Manager Webinar Series

Join SAS experts as they show you how to get the most out of SAS® Grid Manager in this complimentary webinar series. Whether you’re a SAS Grid Manager user or administrator, there's something here for you!

Note: This webinar series includes two tracks, but you can benefit from both.

End-User Track

  • Gaining Comfort With SAS Grid Computing for Analysts and Data Scientists – On-Demand
  • SAS Command-Line Grid Submission Utility (SASGSUB) – On-Demand

Gaining Comfort With SAS® Grid Computing for Analysts and Data Scientists

What exactly is the SAS Grid Computing environment? And can you use it to schedule and process your jobs faster? This presentation will introduce you to the essential concepts and terminology of grid computing. We’ll provide a guided tour on how to use this environment with some of your favorite SAS products.

You’ll learn when, why and how to use and exploit SAS Grid Computing via the following SAS techniques and interfaces:

  • Base SAS® and batch jobs
  • SAS® Enterprise Guide®
  • SAS® Add-In for Microsoft Office
  • SAS® Enterprise Miner™
  • SAS® Studio
Kate Schwarz

Kate Schwarz, Senior Systems Engineer, SAS Customer Loyalty Team

Kate Schwarz is a senior systems engineer on the SAS customer loyalty team. She has supported, positioned, demonstrated and proven the value of SAS® for thousands of current and prospective customers since 2002. Schwarz is a technology generalist with over 20 years of experience in data management, business intelligence and analytics.

SAS® Command-Line Grid Submission Utility (SASGSUB)

This presentation will show users how to submit SAS programs to a grid for processing without requiring SAS to be installed on the machine performing the submission.

This presentation will show examples of using SASGSUB to:

  • Submit jobs from the command line.
  • Submit from a batch process.
  • Submit examples of comparison of a process running on the grid.
David Glemaker

David Glemaker, Principal Technical Architect, SAS

David Glemaker is a principal technical architect in health and life sciences at SAS. Glemaker has been at SAS for more than 20 years, recently working on high-performance computing products, including in-database and in-memory analytics, with a special focus on grid computing. He has hosted many SAS® Grid Computing architecture and user workshops and has created a library of grid macros to assist the customers who want to get the most out of SAS Grid Computing.

Administrator Track

  • Overview of the SAS Grid Architecture in a SAS 9.4 Environment – On-Demand
  • SAS Grid Administration Fundamentals – On-Demand
  • Scheduling SAS Programs and Jobs for a Grid Environment – On-Demand

Overview of the SAS® Grid Architecture in a SAS® 9.4 Environment

In this webinar we’ll take you inside the world of grid architecture and its components. This session will help you understand how SAS Grid Manager works and is primarily for SAS administrators who are not familiar with SAS Grid Manager.

It will cover:

  • Overview of the SAS 9.4 architecture in a grid environment.
  • SAS Grid Manager and SAS Platform components.
  • Types of processing grid supports (multiuser workload, parallel workload balancing).
Anja Fischer

Anja Fischer, Senior Systems Engineer, SAS Customer Loyalty Team

During her long tenure at SAS, Fischer has worked in a wide variety of roles, including technical support, training and product management, and is currently a Senior Systems Engineer in Customer Loyalty, specializing in SAS® Platform administration. Fischer's areas of expertise include SAS administration, including SAS Metadata Server and metadata administration, IOM servers, security, failover/disaster recovery, SAS client administration, migration, and the administration of SAS® Visual Analytics and SAS Grid Manager. Fischer is a Certified SAS Platform Administrator and has bachelor’s degrees in computer science and registered nursing.

SAS® Grid Administration Fundamentals

This presentation will provide you with the ingredients you need to successfully administer your grid environment using SAS Environment Manager.

What we’ll cover:

  • Becoming familiar with the SAS Grid Manager module interface in SAS Environment Manager.
  • LSF configuration.
  • How to manage high-availability applications using the SAS Grid Manager module.
  • Monitoring grid clusters, jobs, queues, hosts, high-availability applications and audit logs.

Presenter: Anja Fischer, Senior Systems Engineer, SAS Customer Loyalty Team

Scheduling SAS® Programs and Jobs for a Grid Environment

This presentation provides information on scheduling SAS programs and jobs from SAS applications.

We will give examples of using:

  • The schedule manager plug-in in SAS Management Console to schedule jobs to the grid environment.
  • Submitting a batch job.
  • Building a flow.
  • Scheduling a flow with dependencies.

Kevin Bickford, Senior Technical Architect, SAS Customer Loyalty Team

Prior to working with SAS Customer Loyalty, Bickford held various technical roles at SAS in sales and consulting as a systems engineer, program manager, systems engineer supervisor and solutions architect. He specializes in data warehousing and data management, business intelligence, and SAS® installation and migration. Bickford has experience using programming systems such as COBOL, C and SAS and has helped diverse organizations adopt, build and maintain business intelligence and information management solutions for over 15 years. Before coming to SAS, he worked with Boeing, EMI (Capital Records) Music Co. and the USC School of Medicine.

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 Gaining Comfort With SAS Grid Computing for Analysts and Data Scientists
 SAS Command-Line Grid Submission Utility (SASGSUB)
 Overview of the SAS Grid Architecture in a SAS 9.4 Environment
 SAS Grid Administration Fundamentals
 Scheduling SAS Programs and Jobs for a Grid Environment
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