Find out where you fall on the modern marketing maturity curve

Join us for a half-day workshop to assess how data-driven your marketing organization is currently, and how to get to the level you want to be. Organizations of any size will benefit from this workshop, but discussion will include tips and tricks to help midsize organizations in particular. We’ll help you get started with customer experience management, digital marketing and marketing modernization strategies.


The first part of the workshop will consist of a health check - a comprehensive self-assessment to determine where your organization falls on the modern marketing maturity curve. SAS facilitators will then use your assessment results to lead workshop discussions, provide initial recommendations for next steps and highlight relevant best practices.

Workshop categories

Through a series of interactive self-assessments, the workshop will provide an opportunity to learn where your organization falls on the modern marketing maturity curve in four key areas.

Technology and Data Readiness: Examines how close your company is to having a comprehensive, integrated marketing technology ecosystem. Considerations include the scope, accessibility and quality of available data, the ability to handle big data sources effectively and the technologies in the marketing toolkit.

Business Alignment: Illustrates how well your marketing program aligns with overall business objectives and strategy. It examines business unit cooperation and coordination as well as the presence of multichannel marketing, customer experience management, and digital intelligence strategies, initiatives and measurements.

Analytics Readiness: Highlights the extent to which your company uses analytics and modeling to make fact-based decisions. It explores the scope and utilization of customer insights such as attitudes, sentiment, value and behavior.

Organizational Readiness: Explores organizational considerations necessary for effectively implementing an optimized, omnichannel, customer-focused marketing and brand program in which the customer journey is understood and enhanced. Executive sponsorship, skill sets and training, and the degree of collaboration in the company’s culture are all considered.

Who should attend

Organizations looking to embed customer-focused marketing activities across business lines will find this workshop very helpful. Attendees will include local marketing professionals of all levels including managers, directors and vice presidents; as well as analysts, digital marketing, and customer experience or data/analytics-related IT roles.

Space is limited, so reserve your spot now!

Meet the Expert

Lisa Loftis

Lisa Loftis is a SAS customer relationship management, customer experience management and business intelligence expert with 25 years of experience. She has worked with numerous large organizations across the globe on all aspects of successful CRM and BI implementations. She specializes in combining the technology necessary to support true CRM/CEM and BI business strategies with the organizational structures, executive leadership and cultural factors required to migrate an organization toward effective execution of enterprise strategies. Loftis can be reached at

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