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Tuesday, May 19

Tuesday, May 19

      Data-Driven: The Analytics Journey in Health Care and Life Sciences
      Executive Panel Session

      From health economics and outcomes research to value-based contracting and population management, health care and life sciences organizations are being challenged to rethink the business of medicine. This thought-provoking session will explore how organizations are evolving to meet these challenges and the role analytics plays in this transformation.

      Learn from the experts as they tackle tough questions such as: Where has analytics been most useful and where has it struggled to gain traction? Why? Are there critical attitudes and behaviors leaders must adopt for analytics to take root? Is there, or should there be, a clear demarcation between experience or instinct and data-driven decision making?  What role will emerging capabilities in machine learning and advanced analytics play, and what new challenges do they bring? How can health care and life sciences organizations be structured for success?

      Join us as leading executives share their hard-won experience and perspectives on the analytic journey and what it really means – and takes – for health and life sciences companies to become data-driven.

      • Joseph Colorafi, MD, Vice President and Chief Medical Information Officer, Dignity Health
      • Jason Cooper, Vice President and Chief Analytics Officer, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey
      • Curtis Smith, Vice President of Commercial Analytics and Operations, Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc.
      • Kimberly Nevala, Director, Business Strategies, SAS Best Practices

      Wednesday, May 20

          Responding to the Value Mandate
          Executive Panel Session

          The US health care system is undergoing the largest transformation since the introduction of Medicare. Today’s health care will be characterized by higher percentages of payments flowing to organizations that can prove greater value and improved outcomes for patients.  All key players in the ecosystem are challenged with creating a safe passage from today’s business models to a new one that can thrive in the emerging value-driven health economy.  As the market continues to evolve, the one thing everyone agrees on is that the status quo is not a viable option.

          This session will focus on what the value mandate means to each market, how specific strategies are crystallizing, and examples of key investments, initiatives and early metrics of success. For example, you’ll learn how providers are managing risk, reducing waste and adopting bundled payment models. How health plans are targeting the right patients with the right products and executing on contracts that reward high-quality care at the lowest reasonable cost. And how pharmaceutical organizations are measuring value from existing portfolios and using insights to provide personalized therapies to sub-populations.

          • Pamela Peele, PhD, Chief Analytics Officer, Insurance Services Division, UPMC
          • Jonathan D. Smith, Director of the Program Management and Performance Group in the Office of Enterprise Information at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
          • Michael Weintraub, President and Chief Executive Officer, Optum Analytics
          • Graham Hughes, MD, Chief Medical Officer, SAS Center for Health Analytics and Insights

          Whole Genome and Translational Omics: More Data, More Insights
          Cloudera Lunch and Learn (Preregistration Required)

          Join Cloudera to discuss the current trend to complement traditional genomic high-performance computing environments with big data platforms. Learn how the desire to mash together multiple “omics,” clinical data warehouse insights, and unstructured clinical text to offer new commercial services based on differentiated reference genomes is pushing pharma and the health system to rethink the best way to add, link, manage, expose and mine data.

          • Shawn Dolley, Health and Life Sciences Big Data Expert, Cloudera

          Leverage Big Data and Advanced Analytics to Facilitate a Proactive Approach to Care
          Hortonworks Lunch and Learn (Preregistration Required)

          Join Hortonworks to learn how health care organizations are looking to adopt a more retail-based approach to provide a complete view of their customers and patients. You’ll hear the benefits of a central data repository, or "data lake," to store and process all longitudinal patient history and information across multiple touch points and episodes of care within the current health care system, or across providers, clinics, pharmacies, payers and specialty providers. And you’ll discover how the data lake can be used to build predictive models to gain proactive insights into high-cost and high-quality areas, such as long-term chronic disease treatment and prevention. For example, monitoring patients after they leave the hospital or care setting enables caregivers to positively affect outcomes and reduce readmissions due to more timely awareness of patient behavior changes.

          Getting Health Analytics Right: Insights From Thought Leaders
          Executive Presentations

          The health care and life sciences industries have a unique opportunity to take advantage of insights generated from expansive information assets. Opportunities like improving profitability, patient outcomes and quality of care.  Jack Phillips from the International Institute for Analytics will define the concept of analytics maturity in health care and compare it with other industries.

          In addition, other thought leaders will share their unique perspectives and experiences. Hear how Geneia’s Theon population health management tool uses SAS® Analytics to help providers spot medical trends and improve patient care. Listen in as Optum Life Sciences explains how the combination of vast data assets with SAS® Analytics can provide life sciences companies with data-driven insights – and concrete medical evidence to understand markets and demonstrate the effectiveness, safety and value of drug therapies.  Discover how Dignity Health is blending the processing power of Hadoop with analytics and cloud infrastructure to harness the disruptive impact of big data. And learn how Cigna has used SAS to develop the Health Matters Score to identify customers in need and provide the right messages, via the right modality, at the right time to improve health, decrease cost and increase engagement.

          A Modern Analytic Platform for Big Data
          Executive Remarks

          Does this sound familiar: massive amounts of data coming into your organization faster than ever, from numerous sources and devices? It’s downright overwhelming. How can you store and analyze this data quickly? How can you do more with less? What’s the most economic approach? During this presentation, our executives will share what a modernized analytic platform means and how you can get real-time insights to make decisions that drive value.

          • Jim Davis, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, SAS
          • Jim Goodnight, Chief Executive Officer, SAS

          Birds of a Feather Roundtable Sessions

          Accessible Analytics: Visual Data Exploration in Real Time

          Regardless of size, health care and life sciences organizations are collecting increasing amounts and types of data. Unfortunately, traditional architectures and existing infrastructures aren’t designed to deliver the fast analytical processing needed for rapid insights. The resulting delays are frustrating and often times costly for decision makers. To help you make sense of the growing data within your organization, SAS Visual Analytics provides a highly interactive user experience that combines advanced data visualization, an easy-to-use interface and powerful in-memory technology to visually explore data, execute analytics and understand what the data means. Join your colleagues to discuss the value of using visual data exploration to go where your data takes you, without boundaries.

          Analytics for Episodes of Care

          The analysis of episodes of care data includes risk-adjusted, expected costs for patient-centric episodes of care. Using analytics, you can identify potentially avoidable complications, incorporate readmission logic and determine a lead provider for the episode. Join your colleagues in discussions about the uses of data to fundamentally change the perspective of health care associated with pay-for-value, care management, population health and support government mandates.

          Analytics in Action Technology Showcase

          Tech demos that address your most pressing needs will be available throughout the day. Please join our solution experts at one or all of the following:

          Agile and Accessible High-Performance Analytics

          Discover the possibilities of a platform where creativity and innovation are encouraged and rewarded. View demos at our SAS Innovation Studio. You'll gain insights to quickly modernize your legacy BI strategy, scale your data and analytics capabilities, and further enable your growing analytics culture.

          Build a Modern Health Care Architecture With Hadoop

          Integrated SAS and Hortonworks solutions deliver the flexibility of Hadoop data storage and processing along with the power of SAS Analytics. Learn how the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) combined with SAS can enable you to capture and analyze the full scope of your data to reduce risk, grow revenue and build new market insights.

          Clinical Program Optimization

          SAS for clinical program optimization improves clinical and program outreach to increase engagement levels and reduce medical expenses. Learn how the solution can help reduce the cost of outreach activities and eliminate wasteful spending.

          Commercial Process Optimization

          Discover how you can create process optimization with commercial pharmaceutical organizations by building an ecosystem that allows organizations to manage data, analytical processes and human assets. This closed ecosystem helps create optimization of data, analytical and human assets that can lead to many benefits across organizations: reduced software/hardware spending, maximization of value extracted from data assets, optimization of human assets and minimization of information handoffs that lead to errors and inefficiencies.

          Data Governance on Hadoop

          Find out how you can ensure your enterprise data hub meets the most stringent standards for governance and compliance. Cloudera will share a demo of the only production-ready and compliance-proven data lineage solution for Hadoop.

          International Institute for Analytics

          Stop by to learn about the International Institute for Analytics (IIA), an independent research firm that works with organizations to build strong and competitive analytics programs. Since its inception, IIA has worked with more than 200 organizations from around the world, sharing the keys to analytics maturity so that its clients gain an edge in an economy increasingly driven by data.

          Real-World Evidence

          Learn how our real-world evidence solution provides an integrated, seamless platform incorporating data management, data visualization and reporting, as well as predictive analytics and statistics – all hosted in the SAS environment.

             May 19 - 20
             SAS World Headquarters
             Cary, NC

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