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This workshop introduces the importance of forecasting and provides a demonstration of SAS Forecast Server.

Learn how to:

  • Create a SAS Forecast Server project, define a hierarchy and automatically fit forecast models.
  • Evaluate forecast accuracy and identify series for which accuracy is not satisfactory.
  • Define promotion events and use events or calendar effects to improve forecast accuracy.

Course Outline:

Introduction to SAS® Forecast Server

  • What is forecast accuracy?
  • What is the large-scale forecasting problem?
  • What is hierarchical reconciliation?

Automatic Forecasting

  • Define the business problem.
  • Explore the data.
  • Automatically generate and reconcile a forecast.
  • Evaluate forecast accuracy.

Improving Forecast Accuracy

  • What is an event?
  • What is a moving calendar effect?
  • Classify events in SAS Forecast Server and use events to improve forecast accuracy.
  • Define calendar effects in SAS Forecast Server and use calendar effects to improve forecast accuracy.

Select your city:

  • Charlotte, NC: June 3 – 6
  • Irvine, CA: June 17 – 20
  • Chicago, IL: Aug. 5 – 8
  • Philadelphia, PA: Sept. 9 – 12
  • Boston, MA: Sept. 23 – 26
  • Austin, TX: Sept. 30 – Oct. 3
  • Minneapolis, MN: Nov. 18 – 21


Please contact Buffie Silva
at 919-531-0345.


Cost: Complimentary.
There is no fee to attend.

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