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The SAS Interactive Workshop on Wednesday, December 18th, 2013 has been cancelled.

The Big Data Challenge seminar on Tue Dec. 17 is still being held as planned. For questions, please contact Courtney Baker or 919-531-1345.

What if you could apply analytics faster and easier than ever before, and transform your data into eye-opening insights? It's not out of reach. Find out how by joining us at DRC on Dec. 18.

SAS® experts are presenting workshops and demos focused on applying SAS Visual Analytics and SAS Data Management. Learn how to tackle your toughest data challenges and achieve greater clarity about your mission.

What does this event offer?
These aren’t one-sided presentations. They’re dynamic and interactive.

  • Speak with SAS experts about how to apply our software to address your department’s needs and interests.
  • Hear case studies involving real-world applications at other organizations.
  • Put our visual analytics software through its paces, using real data and real scenarios.

What will you learn?
We’ll spend the morning session focusing on SAS Data Management. Discover how to turn your data into a trusted, critical asset and create an accurate, consistent view of your enterprise.

In the afternoon we’ll shift the focus to SAS Visual Analytics, so you can see how easy it is to manage complex, massive data sets, and create and share dynamic visuals. Learn about its on-the-fly forecasting, autocharting, "what does it mean?" pop-ups, and drag-and-drop capabilities.


SAS Interactive Workshops
Wednesday, Dec. 18


735 Seibert Rd., Suite 1
Scott Air Force Base


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Contact Courtney Baker at 919-531-1345

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