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Artificial Intelligence From SAS

AI For Good

At SAS, we believe AI can help solve some of the world's most challenging problems. And while the pure potential for AI to improve business and the economy is staggering, AI for Good focuses on the side of artificial intelligence that is helping people. Discover how AI is changing lives around the world.

AI Initiatives Making a Difference for Us All

Our interconnected earth. The diverse people that share this planet. Our well-being. And our curious passion to learn. These are the four initiative areas that artificial intelligence can transform.

AI for Sustainability

Caring for our people, our communities and our planet is simply the right thing to do. Our commitment to social responsibility continues to grow as we see the power of connecting analytics and advocacy.

  • Take a stand to save the Amazon rainforest – by taking a closer look.

    SAS® AI analyzes millions of images to identify signs of deforestation. But AI can’t do it alone. You can help save the Amazon and the 2,000 species living in it. And do it from home. Take a virtual trip to the Amazon in a crowdsourcing opportunity where seeing means saving – and participate in identifying images that will help us train AI models to detect deforestation faster.

  • WildTrack researchers are exploring the value AI can bring to conservation.

    Can AI protect endangered species from extinction? The answer may lie in their footprints. With deep learning and enough data, a computer can be trained to recognize footprint patterns, similar to the way indigenous trackers did for centuries. But with the added ability to analyze at a larger scale and faster pace – giving insights into species that WildTrack never had before.

    AI for Humanity

    At the core of what drives SAS, we are people who want to help other people. SAS believes that the power of AI, fueled by human ingenuity, drives progress.

    • Analytics, sports and inclusion during the Special Olympics World Games.

      Analytics proved essential in helping organizers coordinate the activities of 7,500 athletes, 3,000 coaches and 21,000 volunteers. SAS AI solutions were used to streamline health data and predict where issues might occur. This allowed organizers to strategically position health personnel and equipment. In some cases, quick response times aided by analytics made the difference between life and death.

    • From Apollo to AI: A new digital era of American exploration.

      From the first fixed-wing aircraft to rocketry and jet engines, American innovation put a man on the moon with less computing power than a modern washing machine. A half century after the Apollo 11 mission, the next great advancements will be digital. Analytics, AI, machine learning, forecasting and data visualization are the new tools of the trade for discovery and exploration of today’s frontier.

    • When disaster struck, the people of Nepal turned to IOM. And IOM turned to SAS.

      As a first responder after a Nepal earthquake, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) needed to provide shelter to thousands of displaced families. Data analysis was key to giving people a sense of safety and stability. IOM, SAS and UN Comtrade proved the potential for analytics to make a difference. Real-time analytics helped locate 310,000 sheets of metal roofing to begin the process of rebuilding villages.

      AI for Health

      As a long-time pioneer in AI, machine learning and computer vision, SAS can unleash the full potential of data to solve some of the greatest health care challenges.

      • Canada’s Centre for Addiction and Mental Health uses SAS® to improve care and streamline hospital operations.

        In Canada, one in five people experiences a mental illness or addiction problem – well above the global average. But mental afflictions go untreated as too many people choose to suffer in silence. As Canada's largest mental health teaching hospital, CAMH is using analytics to help remove that stigma. The Toronto-based institution treats over 34,000 patients each year.

      • Through the use of analytics, the entire landscape of cancer research and treatment is changing.

        Hospitals and research institutions are joining forces to analyze data, share results and improve the efficiency and speed of trials. For one young boy, personalized medicine has been life-changing. Harrison’s story illustrates how researchers are using analytics to move beyond a one-size-fits-all approach to cancer treatment and provide care based on genetics and other individual factors.

        AI for Education

        SAS believes that education gives each new generation the power to change the world. We support initiatives that promote learning for all and build a global community of innovators.

        • It's not whether you win or lose. It's what you learn from the game.

          That’s the thinking behind a collaboration between SAS and Canadian business school HEC Montréal, which invites you to play an online simulation game using predictive modeling technology. Whether you're in a classroom or corporate environment, you can play for fun, friendly competition – or to sharpen your analytics skills.
        • Free access to AI and machine learning for academic institutions and students.

          SAS is helping educators prepare students to seize new career opportunities, at no cost. SAS® Viya® for Learners is a full suite of cloud-based software that supports the entire analytics life cycle – from data, to discovery, to deployment – and lets users access the most advanced SAS AI and machine learning analytics tools, for free.

        • Meet the future of data science: A blog series about tomorrow's leaders.

          This SAS blog series features the motivations, work and advice of the next generation of data scientists. Their passion for artificial intelligence, machine learning and the latest emerging technologies has the potential to improve people’s lives and shape the world going forward.

          Artificial Intelligence in Action

          Leading in data and AI

          SAS continues to make strategic, innovative advancements to our products, including our SAS Viya cloud-native and cloud-agnostic data and AI platform, as well as our solutions designed to address the needs of specific industries and cross-industry functional areas like fraud intelligence, risk management and marketing. With new and improved capabilities, including generative AI and data management, we have made it even easier for customers to build future-ready systems that will improve business and transform markets.

          Our Commitment to People and the Planet

          For decades, SAS has combined corporate social responsibility with our software to address economic, social and environmental issues. Through innovative analytics and AI, SAS moves the world toward a more sustainable future.

          SAS® AI Solutions

          Across every industry, AI and machine learning can help you do more, know more, achieve more. SAS embeds AI capabilities in our software to provide you with intelligent, automated solutions. From machine learning, computer vision and natural language processing to forecasting and optimization, our AI technologies support diverse environments and scale to meet changing business needs.

          Take a deep dive into AI applications and use cases which will encourage you to have the forward-looking conversations that ensure projects deliver the value AI promises.