SAS embarks on digital TV market

Promises entrepreneurs an 18% income boost per year


Mr. Taveesak Saengthong, Managing Director and Mr. Wichote Wongwitwichote, Strategic Business Development Manager of SAS Software (Thailand) Co., Ltd., recently gave a special interview on “Big data analytics system and digital TV business in Thailand”.

Mr. Taveesak revealed that in the past there were only 6 TV channels in Thailand, making it quite expensive to advertise on TV. However, now that we have up to 24 digital channels, more players will enter the market to provide even more varied contents for viewers. This will surely lower the advertising cost because new channel operators will have to compete against each other on pricing level.

Such change in the TV market opens up a new business opportunity for SAS. The company’s solutions will help producers understand the viewers better. We provide support regarding big data, which is the industry’s most valuable asset. Furthermore, viewer analysis will provide a number of benefits to the business, for instance, it helps entrepreneurs in designing suitable programs and planning advertising & marketing strategies that match the needs and behaviors of viewers. We provide entrepreneurs with real-time data, from which they can further access in-depth information in just a few seconds. 

“There is a study showing that digital channel operators will need approximately 5-6 years to breakeven for their investment in the business. However, SAS analytics can help greatly in the content development process and therefore can guarantee up to 18% increase in annual income, enabling operators to reach the breakeven point in just one year. The initial investment is estimated at 5 million Baht, but can be increased when the viewer group expands. I believe that both new players (digital channel operators) and existing players (analog channel operators) must adapt to the changes in this industry upon the arrival of Asean Economic Community (AEC), which will considerably affect the advertising business in Thailand.”

Mr. Wichote said that in order to succeed in digital TV business, 3 factors must be achieved: You must be able to handle big data, you must have desirable contents, and you must use the data at hand to benefit the business.

“Entrepreneurs should always know how to manage big data. They must know who like to watch what, and at what time. This data must be accompanied by a solid and reliable rating system, which will allow us to calculate suitable advertising rates for each channel/period. Also, Big data will help us create the contents that satisfy the viewers’ varying needs and reduce the chance of wasting resources on programs that might eventually be a hit or miss. Obviously this is beneficial to both channel operators and advertising agencies since they can plan their budgeting and expenditure more accurately and effectively.”  

Media provider companies can also use SAS analytics system to learn about consumer’s behaviors in various aspects such as network, program contents, advertising, etc. This simulation analytics will assist in introducing viewers to a new program or commercial and see if they like it or not.

Finally, Mr. Taveesak concluded that during the transition phase from analog TV to digital platform, SAS is aiming to gain 3 new customers from overall digital TV operators. The company is considered an expert in viewer analytics with more than a thousand customers in America and Europe during the last 5 years.


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