Ensuring immediate, unhindered access to data

Reports that once took hours now take just the click of a mouse

With an aim toward offering quality services to its clients and making use of its international experience and financial strength, Generali Hellas put a new strategy in place to further expand its networks and create new, versatile and specialized products, effectively placing the company one step ahead of its competitors in a market that is currently undergoing significant reorganization and fundamental change.

In this context, Generali implemented the SAS® Insurance Analytics Architecture, a specialized, tailor-made solution for the insurance industry, which, through sophisticated analytics and models, ensures the provision of an integrated Business Analytics Framework for all critical information made available to both partners and employees of the company.

A simple change in the classification of the reports, which previously required more than two hours of work to generate, is now being achieved with a simple click of the mouse.

Dionissis Moschonas
Assistant IT Manager

"At Generali, we consider as our primary customers more than 500 partners and associates that comprise the company's sales network (insurance agents, brokers, companies, etc.)," notes Dionissis Moschonas, Generali's Assistant IT Manager. "Under this premise, we looked for a platform that can provide direct reports through the user-friendly environment of the Internet so that we can ensure that our associates have immediate, unhindered access to our system and can receive on a daily basis up-to-date, accurate analytics concerning their portfolio."

Integrated solution, fast implementation, tangible results

"We decided to proceed with SAS, and it took us approximately seven months to finalize and fully implement, as there were special features and requirements particular to our business that needed to be incorporated in the solution to best meet our company's needs," Moschonas says.

More specifically, SAS provided a single-architecture solution that provides Generali's sales network employees an integrated business intelligence environment with sophisticated features such as customizable reporting, access to different user groups within the company, access to external partners through the Web, and analytics for the actuarial department.

"Before installation of the specific solution, the system worked more or less manually," Moschonas says. "Something that aside from being extremely time consuming was also very limiting, as it could not include the entire hierarchy so as to visualize the productivity of the whole group for each partner. For example, a simple change in the classification of the reports, which required more than two hours of work to generate, is now being achieved with a simple click of the mouse. Also, the implementation of a new reference, which used to be a day-long task, is now a process that does not exceed 20 minutes."

By integrating in-depth analytics and data management tools, SAS gives Generali the ability to better manage relationships between clients and insurance agents, product and pricing offers, marketing activities and overall business strategy.

Overall improvement in business performance

The SAS Insurance Analytics Framework provides advanced data integration techniques for significantly faster data analysis, processing and report generation; reduced cost of software ownership, training, maintenance and support; and lower exposure to risk.

"Now we are able to distribute reports throughout our sales network and, more importantly, our people can feel confident in the accuracy of the data they receive," says Moschonas. "This will help us to both maintain our existing agents while attracting new ones."

In addition, SAS will contribute to the overall improvement of Generali's operational performance, offering optimization of the requirements, ratemaking and compliance with the European Directive Solvency II and internal reporting capabilities.

Choosing SAS

The insurance knowledge, the comprehensive coverage of requirements across the organization and the leadership of SAS in providing technology solutions to the insurance market were the three most important factors that led Generali to select SAS.

"Before reaching an agreement with SAS, we had the opportunity to closely examine and evaluate the solutions of some of the most important vendors in the market," Moschonas says. "SAS not only has excellent technical skills, but also knowledge of the insurance sector, something that was invaluable in the development phase and also in the effective support offered by the company's business consultants throughout the project."

"Generali's partner strategy is based on long-term relationships, with an emphasis on covering needs across the organization in a comprehensive and effective manner. This is something that SAS seems to understand and is able to offer."

Of equal importance is SAS' leadership in the insurance market. "The leadership and credibility of SAS is well documented, as it is the preferred choice of many of the largest insurance companies worldwide."


Provide fast and comprehensive decision support to sales-force agents and improve internal organization and workflow.


SAS® Insurance Analytics Architecture


Ability to better manage client-agent relationships, product and pricing offers, marketing activities and overall business strategy; reports that once took hours now take just the click of a mouse; jobs that once took a day to complete now take just a few minutes.


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