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A deeper dive into vaccine efficacy and the future of the pandemic

With clinical trial efficacy rates now established, the focus is on variants, breakthrough infections and boosters that can protect the health of the public for the long term.

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Digital platform helps health care workers get needed support

Medical research facility Black Dog Institute partners with SAS to support health care workers’ mental well-being during the pandemic.

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Operational and financial agility build resilience

As technology takes center stage, the five pillars of organizational resilience, as well as the crucial role of the cloud, become imperative.

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Resilience in the face of unpredictability.

Resilience calls for a strong recovery, beginning with an effective response built on AI and analytics. Being resilient means having the capabilities to carry on despite unpredictable events. And to orchestrate a stronger recovery with analytics applied to the data driving the online world. AI with machine learning can be your canary in the coal mine – the early-warning system to help identify crises in the earliest stages.

The pandemic's impact on mental health has become a focus as communities and businesses get back on their feet. Preserving the physical well-being of patients and front-line staff is sometimes at odds with mental health. SAS provides a dashboard to monitor COVID-19 in the Copenhagen Regional Psychiatric Centers so the emphasis remains on overall care and wellness.

Prioritizing mental health and well-being.

What matters now when it comes to COVID-19?

Despite restrictions being lifted in many parts of the world, the threat of the pandemic is not over, and the focus on responsible AI is stronger than ever. There is still much to learn as we work together to reduce current and long-term effects for health care professionals, students and educators, and the general public as we reimagine life after the pandemic.

Solutions for Industries

Some AI and analytics applications are better suited for different impacts from the coronavirus outbreak. They all involve data, discovery and deployment. Explore the possibilities for your industry.

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Our commitment to serving our customers and employees while ensuring your health and well-being has never been stronger. We continuously monitor the evolution of the pandemic, making adjustments as needed. Our domain experts are ready to assist with any projects or particular questions you may have.