Episode 2

SAS Banking Talks: Combating Application and Internal Fraud with AI 

14.10.2020, 11h CET

About the Episode

An increase in fraudster's activity trying to explore new weaknesses is on the rise, increasing financial loss, raising costs, compromising customer experience, and threatening reputational damage. 
In parallel the customer behavior is changing – closure of branches and the desire to bank from home are migrating to the digital world. 
Internal fraud is a serious and growing problem for organizations as well, and one which they are sometimes not paying enough attention to. Typically takes 18 months before a company detects an internal fraud scheme

Therefore, the importance of technology to disrupt those emerging threats is bigger than ever. Cutting edge technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning help to combat fraud in an adaptive way, more precise and quicker.


The Webinar will be held in the local language

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